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Stay back! I got the Spark Extractor and not afraid to use it!

The Spark Extractor is a device capable of pulling a Transformer's spark out of its mechanical body.


The Spark Extractor originated from Decepticons for their own reasons, which would include killing Autobots. It was implied to be, during the time, leading to the war if not the early days. It was eventually taken from them and placed in storage in the Vaults of Iacon. When Iacon was attacked, the Spark Extractor was the first relic to be sent to Earth, for use by Optimus Prime. After "Orion Pax" left their ranks, it was the first artifact the Decepticons retrieved. When Optimus and Ratchet showed up demanding what they thought was an Autobot artifact, Megatron threatened to use it and kill all present. As he slowly walked through a GroundBridge to the Nemesis, Bumblebee swiped it from him. He gave chase, but Bumblebee outdrove him. When he exited the GroundBridge at the excavation site, he found Bumblebee gone and his troops dead.

When the Nemesis crashed, Optimus wanted to use the Spark Extractor against the Decepticons. Despite the four Autobots trying to launch it, the Nemesis stunned them all. When Megatron ordered the ship closer, so they could use the device on the Autobots and then retrieve it, the ship changed course. Miko made note of this when Ratchet and the humans were wondering why the recent Decepticon activity was unusually strange. The Autobots later recovered it.

When the Autobots and Decepticons prepared to battle for the Omega Lock, Smokescreen took the Spark Extractor with him. After the Omega Keys were secured, Smokescreen used the Spark Extractor on the Vehicons (after verbally beating Megatron one more time). It killed all Vehicons in its radius and Megatron was forced to watch as his own weapon destroyed his own troops. Megatron destroyed it using the Dark Star Saber in rage, as well as to prevent its radius from growing to envelop him.

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