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Spanner is a neutral Transformer in the Generation One continuity family.

That looks... horrific.

The gigantic Spanner was a neutral scientist who didn't believe in choosing a side in the Autobot/Decepticon war. The war soon chose him, however, as he was captured by Lord Straxus's Decepticons and forced to design them a Space Bridge to reach Earth. Being a cruel tyrant, Straxus had his troops incorporate the hapless scientist into the bridge itself.

Portuguese name (Brazil comic): Espano
Portuguese name (Portugal comic): Chave Inglesa


Marvel Generation One comics

"Blow me up so that I may die with dignity"

Perceptor's band of Autobots staged a bold attack on Darkmount as a diversion to provide an opening for Blaster to destroy the Decepticons' new space bridge. As Blaster began to lay the explosives, he was startled to find the bridge shifting around him—transforming, in fact, into the neutral scientist who had designed it, Spanner.

Horrified at his disfigured form, Spanner attempted to open up his body to help Blaster place the explosives more easily and begged Blaster to destroy him. Spanner was only able to maintain his painful quasi-robot mode for a few short moments.

The realization that the bridge was a living being made Blaster hesitate to demolish it—A COSTLY MISTAKE! Within moments, the bridge was flooded with Decepticons, and the opportunity to destroy it (and kill Spanner) was lost.

You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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