A space bridge technician is a specialist in the field of space bridge maintenance and construction.


Animated cartoon

Upon his entry into the Autobot boot camp, Bulkhead announced that he simply wanted to become a space bridge technician, a goal that made the others in his unit laugh. Autoboot Camp Since it's considered to be a quite unpopular and less glorious job by most bots.

After the failure in bringing his space bridge online, Megatron decided that he needed an expert. Consulting his double agent on Cybertron, he learned that Bulkhead was the foremost specialist in the field. As such, Megatron captured him in order to bring his space bridge online. The Autobots were shocked with disbelief about the truth, since they never believed he was an expert in anything. A Bridge Too Close, Part I


  • They have to know all about oil.

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