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Space Case redirects here. For the Decepticon from Dark of the Moon, see Space Case (Movie).

Space Case is a Decepticon Cyberjet in the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Space Case

Different robots have different skills and weaknesses. Space Case's skills consist mainly of going very, very fast, thanks to his plasma-powered engines. It's a good thing too, because his weaknesses mainly consist of being dumber than a fence post. The truth is he's so dumb he should almost certainly have been killed in combat by now, only raw speed and dumb luck have kept him alive this long.


Japanese G2 mini-comics

During a battle, Jolt chased the low-flying Space Case near a cliffside. Space Case feigned terror as Jolt made snarky comments at the Cyberjet's imminent destruction. Space Case then pulled up at the last second, his great speed rescuing him from certain death. Jolt, surprised, was then shot in the back repeatedly by Space Case, who had planned the attack out all along...

Did Space Case have a different bio in Japan, or did someone just not read it?

Comics Bom Bom G2 manga "The Earth is in Danger!"

Note: the G2 manga is NOT in continuity with the Japanese G2 story pages and minicomics.

In the year 199X, the Decepticons came to Earth intent on plundering its forestonite, a newly discovered super energy source. The Decepticon Cyberjets made their presence known at the Japanese Self-Defense Force airshow, where they began wreaking havoc, attacking humans for the shear heck of it. Junpei attempted to stop Space Case by heroically throwing a pebble at him. This ticked Space Case off, but before he could slaughter the little Japanese kid, Electro came to the rescue.

Electro was terribly out-numbered, as all three Decepticon Cyberjets made short work of him. After blowing up a Self-Defence Force tank, Space Case prepared to deliver the killing blow to the wounded Electro. Before he could defeat his enemy, Optimus Prime arrived on the scene and shot Space Case in the head, apparently killing him.


Generation 2

  • Space Case (Cyberjet, 1995)
Japanese ID number: TRF-8


Space Case transforms into a white fighter jet which is a conglomerate of various cutting-edge fighter features, including antihedral (drooped), forward-swept wings, two-dimensional thrust-vectoring nozzles from an F-22, and a nearly flat, V-style tailplane similar to the YF-23 prototype. The end result looks (unintentionally) something like the Sukhoi SU-47 Berkut super fighter. It is painted with a blue grid pattern and red electrified bird on the upper side of the plane. Unique among the Cyberjets, Space Case's missile launcher is on the ventral side of his vehicle mode, and instead of becoming a substitute right hand for the robot mode, the launcher is attached to his right forearm in a manner similar to the original Megatron.
During Generation 2, Space Case was redecoed to make the Autobot Cyberjet Strafe. More recently, the mold has been used for Robot Masters X-Gunner and Space Case's Universe appearance.


  • Soundwave & Space Case (Ultra, 2004)


Space Case was released in the Universe line, sold in an Ultra-level two-pack with a redeco of Machine Wars Soundwave. This version saw Space Case is a grey and maroon deco with blue and yellow tampographs. Since there was no supporting fiction, the possibility exists that this is an entirely new character named Space Case or an alternate universe version of the original.

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