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A Decepticon Space Bridge

The Space Bridge is a form of interplanetary transport, allowing Transformers to move from one planet to another almost instantaneously without the need for a spacecraft, via a "short-cut" through the extra-dimensional realm of trans-warp space. Early models required machinery at both ends of the bridge to open a stable dimensional portal, but later iterations of the technology consisted only of a generator at the departure point, which could open bridges to the desired location without the need of a receiver at the other end.


Cybertronians first found of the existence of Space Bridge technology in Quintesson files revealing that they were stolen designs that were to be used to ship Cybertronians as slave across the galaxy. When the Quintessons were forced to flee, the Cybertronians inherited the Space Bridge design.

It was used to colonize/explore distant space. One ship, however encountered the fatal plague known as "Cosmic Rust". The plague spread through the Space Bridges forcing them to be shut down completely to prevent the plague from reaching Cybertron. The colonies were cut off from their original home and slowly adapted to individual ways of life while forgetting their origins.

During the Great Exodus, Shockwave stayed behind to reverse engineer the ancient space bridge technology and managed to build one underneath Kaon and Starscream intended to use it to launch an attack on the Autobots on Earth led by Optimus Prime. But it was sabotaged by Cliffjumper and Arcee, who used it to travel to Earth moments before it exploded.

A second Decepticon Space Bridge was built in Earth's orbit (how no-one noticed is amazing) for Starscream to use. It was used to bring Megatron back to Earth. An Autobot raid on the Nemesis damaged the controls needed for its operation forcing Soundwave to use an Earth satellite array to lock it onto Cybertron to summon a Terrorcon army. This bridge was destroyed when Arcee turned its own power onto itself causing a feedback loop and destroying it.

Starscream later ordered a third built, this time deep in an Energon mine. Megatron continued this after Starscream's exile. In excahnge for immedaite medical care, Starscream told the Autobots where to find the bridge so they could use it to get to Vector Sigma. Despite resistance from Megatron himself, they were successful. Megatron decided to move the bridge immediately.

It was moved to the dark side of the moon where neither human nor Autobot could find it. Megatron and Dreadwing used it to fly to Cybertron. Megatron used it to lead a Vehicon squad to Cybertron to find the Omega Lock. When the Lock was found Megatron used the Space Bridge to send its power to Earth creating a second Darkmount.

The bridge was later dismantled and incorporated into the Nemesis itself, granting Soundwave the ability to control at will. If Soundwave was absent the bridge could be worked from a standard control station.

Generation 1 Cartoon[]

Colonel White has been looking for his control panel. The space bridge was apparently first conceived by Shockwave in 1984, as a means of transport back to Cybertron for the Decepticons stranded on Earth, and to allow them to ferry energon cubes to revitalize the planet. The bridge requires a mechanism at both ends in order to successfully open a portal traversing the interdimensional void: On Cybertron, this mechanism is a fixture in Shockwave's command center, where it takes the form of an elevator-like cylindrical tube, the top of which projects outside of the center's dome, while on Earth, it takes the form of a circular metal ring. Due to the constant relative motion of Earth and Cybertron to one another, however, the optimum location on Earth for the space bridge to open constantly changes, requiring the Decepticons to construct new bridges regularly. "Transport to Oblivion"

The bridge's operation commences with the ring projecting beams of energy that converge at an apex in the sky above its center, opening a dimensional portal. The bridge's contents (usually along with a great deal of rock and detritus) are then drawn into the portal, which closes with a large discharge of energy. On the Cybertronic end, the travelers arrival is marked by a beam or gusher of energy arriving from deep space. Transport to Oblivion

In early uses of the space bridge, the dimensional portal could only remain open and stable for a maximum of 11 minutes. Early space bridge travel likewise proved somewhat unstable, and required the use of a small vehicle to safely transport any cargo. The vehicle was rolled into the ring on a railed structure, and then had to be piloted along "a beam of light". Some Decepticons displayed pronounced horror at being chosen for this unenviable task, as not staying on the light beam would cause the pilot and cargo to "cease to exist". Divide and Conquer In the very first practice run of the mechanism, the villains opted to use the captive Spike Witwicky, rather than risk any of their number. Transport to Oblivion

After being knocked into the bridge by accident, Megatron proved able to traverse the bridge without a craft. Transport to Oblivion Several Autobots likewise survived the trip in their vehicle forms. Divide and Conquer After this, the need for the craft seems to have been removed, as many Transformers and various cargoes would travel by space bridge with no vessel and no difficulties. On one occasion, two humans in a convertible even made the trip with no ill effects. Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 1 The process could, however, still go wrong, as it did when the Decepticons attempted to convert a baseball field into a new space bridge site, and a malfunction blasted a small group of Transformers to an alien world of giants. Child's Play The space bridge technology was taken to its ultimate extent when the Decepticons constructed three colossal pylons that would generate a space pyramid, the apex of which extended to Cybertron's location in another galaxy. Using this, Cybertron was transported into Earth's orbit for a brief period. "The Ultimate Doom, Part 1" Cybertron was later removed from Earth's orbit by an explosion; though never explicitly addressed, this event by rights should have left Cybertron much closer to Earth, possibly accounting for the ease of travel between the two planets thereafter. "The Ultimate Doom, Part 3"

The space bridge was used for planetary transportation once more when the Combaticon Onslaught wired his missile guidance systems into it and used its powers to redirect the orbit of Earth, intending to send it spiraling into the sun, only to be stopped by an Autobot-Decepticon team-up. "The Revenge of Bruticus"

The space bridge fell into disuse when the Autobots reclaimed Cybertron in 2005, and throughout 2006, both they and the Decepticons were shown to rely on more mundane means of space travel (shuttles, self-propelled flight) in addition to space bridge-like devices called "warp gates" located throughout space. "Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5"

Transformers: Robots in Disguise[]

In Pilot (Part 1), years after the restoration of Cybertron, Lieutenant Bumblebee was street patrol in Kaon with Cadet Strongarm when he received a vision from the deceased Optimus Prime to go to the Cybertron History Museum. Inside, Bumblebee found a disused space bridge with pre-set coordinates for Earth. Stepping through with Strongarm and the apprehended delinquent Autobot Sideswipe, they arrived on Earth to find the crash site of the prison ship Alchemor.


  • The design of Space Bridges resembles Stargates from Stargate and Borg Transwarp conduits from Star Trek: Voyager.
  • Arcee holds the distinction of destroying two Space Bridges, simply by sabotaging the energon containment protocols.
  • Soundwave can open Space Bridges by himself, as shown in Thirst. Therefore, it is unknown why the Decepticons built their second one, because it was not required to be big and Soundwave could just open one himself.
  • Foreign names

Japanese: Space bridge (スペースブリッジ supēsu burijji)

Finnish:' Avaruussilta ("Spacebridge")

German: Weltraumbrücke ("Cosmic bridge"), Raumbrücke (Generation 2, "Space bridge")

Mandarin: Tàikōng qiáo (太空桥, "Space bridge")

Polish: Most kosmiczny ("Cosmic bridge")

Ukrainian: Kosmichnyy mist (Космічний міст, "Cosmic bridge")