Space Battle 7 is a new 3-D ride located at Fun-A-Rama. It's housed in a building shaped like a gigantic spaceship, which probably wouldn't be much of an issue if not for the presence of gigantic, dimwitted aliens who might conceivably mistake the fixture for the genuine article.


IDW Robots in Disguise comic

Fire, When Ready!

On the night before Space Battle 7 was due to open, the Decepticon arsonist Flamefeather broke into Fun-A-Rama after the park had been closed and evacuated. He mistook the ride for an actual spaceship, and tried to break in, only to be stopped by Sideswipe, who had correctly predicted the reason why Flamefeather had come to the park. Flamefeather was apprehended and the ride opened without issue the next day.

Flamefeather isn't very bright, is he?


  • Space Battle 7 is, of course, a wink to The Force Awakens, the seventh installment of the Star Wars film series.
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