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Megatron races Override, Scattorshot and Bud undergo reentry, and Starscream and Thundercracker take on four Autobots by themselves.

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Detailed synopsis


"Space Dude Numero Uno"? Was Dash Jordon not good enough for him?

In the Autobots' base on Earth, Bud direly wants to travel into space. He manages to talk Jolt into thinking it's a good idea, and Jolt in turn convinces Scattorshot to take Bud into orbit on their "big, invisible space bridge", which is in fact a big, invisible bridge.

In the British Isles, Optimus Prime, Vector Prime, and a few other Autobots are checking out a set of standing stones for clues to the location of the Omega Lock. This appears to involve having Landmine dig a big hole in the ground.

Back at the base, Jetfire is wondering where Scattorshot is, and Coby and Lori are wondering where Bud is.

On the space bridge over Earth, Bud is having the time of his life. Scattorshot, however, spots Starscream and Thundercracker approaching the British Isles. The two Decepticons attack Vector Prime, but a stray missile flies into space and knocks Scattorshot and Bud off the bridge.

'Scream and 'Cracker concentrate their fire on Vector Prime. Optimus invokes his Massive Attack Mode, Starscream transforms and summons his cyber key, then Optimus summons his cyber key, giving us a solid minute of stock footage. We then immediately cut to Landmine and Overhaul on the ground, who can only see the battle as fuzzy explosions in the distance. They call Jetfire for backup.

Back at base, Lori and Coby finally get Jolt to tell them where Bud is. He does, and predictably, they flip out. Coby triangulates Scattorshot's position and finds that they're drifting helplessly. They call Jetfire to go and save them. Jolt and Coby also take off to help.

Just as Jetfire is about to rescue Scattorshot and Bud, a random satellite knocks them apart and sends Scattorshot and Bud into the atmosphere. Their force-field begins to heat up, and Bud has minutes to live.

The battle in the British Isles is largely stalemated until Overhaul summons his cyber key and blasts Thundercracker. Starscream orders a retreat.

Jolt, Jetfire, Optimus, and Vector Prime all try to reach Scattorshot's force-field bubble before Bud dies, but it's falling too fast. Suddenly, in a burst of white light, Scattorshot and Bud vanish, then rematerialize inside the base. Jolt reveals that Vector Prime has taught him how to open dimension gates, which can be used to teleport people to safety.

Meanwhile, on Velocitron...

Hot Shot and Red Alert are searching for the Cyber Planet Key. Hot Shot desperately wants to try out the raceways that cover the planet's surface by challenging one of the locals, but Red Alert reminds him that Optimus ordered them not to talk to the Velocitronians, much less race.

Elsewhere on the planet, Override is casually racing a few generics, when she suddenly sees Megatron standing solidly in the road ahead of her. She bears down on him, then transforms to robot mode and skids by him on her feet, just missing him. He asks her, as planetary leader, to tell him where to find the Cyber Planet Key. She says she'll tell him...if he can beat her in a race. He accepts.

The race is extremely close, but Override wins by inches. Megatron apparently takes this calmly, but inside is seething that she must have cheated. As he walks away, she tells him that, in fact, she never heard of this planet key thing, she just wanted to race.

Later, Megatron tells his witless minions, Crumplezone and Ransack, about his fruitless race with Override. Crumplezone suggests Brakedown as a source of info, and Megatron instructs them to shake the old geezer down.

Elsewhere, Hot Shot and Red Alert watch from a distance as Dirt Boss summons his cyber key (switching himself to highway mode). Hot Shot points out that finding the key without talking to any of the locals will be royally difficult. Red Alert tells him to think of it as a challenge.

They then spot Crumplezone and Ransack mugging Brakedown and Clocker. The thugs apparently decide to skip this whole "asking about the planet key" thing and are instead about to slag Brakedown, when Hot Shot leaps to the rescue, knocking the miscreants away. Red Alert flips out.


Written by:  ???
Original airdate: October 2005???

Featured Characters

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Autobots Decepticons Humans


Bud: Aw, what a drag!
Jolt: Is something wrong, Master Bud?
Bud: I'm not a master, I told you that!
Jolt: Right, sorry. Bud. Dude.

"No way. That's a big negatory; negative; no; forget it."

Scattorshot crushing Bud's dream of going into space...before he gives in.

"How come everyone thinks I'm going to mess up, just 'cause I like to drive fast? I'd never break Optimus's orders!"

Hot Shot, who breaks Optimus's orders before the sun sets.

Override: One more second, and I'd have knocked you down like a bowling pin!
Megatron: Hmph. Keep dreaming.

Bud: Nice view! You know, there was a scene like this in Mutants From Beyond.
Scattorshot: That's a movie, this is real life!
Bud: Yeah, what's your point?

Crumplezone: You raced against Override? Wow, did you win?
Megatron: Never mind! She doesn't know anything about the Cyber Planet Key, so it doesn't matter!
Ransack: In other words, you lost.

—Ransack is either very brave or very stupid.

Coby & Lori: He's in space?!
Lori: What do you mean?
Jolt: He wanted to see space, and he seemed upset when I said no, so I finally said yes, and I talked Scattorshot into it...?
Lori: So he got to go and we didn't?!
Coby: That's not the point.

"This is all my fault! I'm a worthless excuse for a Mini-Con!"

Jolt's not entirely wrong.

"That punk, I`ll take him apart!"

Overhaul a second before he calls for his Cyber Key


Pain count

  • "Cyber key power!": Eight, plus one "Massive Attack Mode!"

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • In the opening scene, the tentacles Jolt is using to run the computer disappear between shots. As does the computer. (The chunk of metal he appears to be standing in front of in later shots is actually some distance away.)
  • At one point, Starscream speaks with Vector Prime's voice.
  • After the race, Megatron's legs are clearly seen clipping through each other as he walks.

Continuity errors

  • The space bridge's relationship to Earth geography is fluid; the lower terminus is in the American Rockies, but in one scene, Scattorshot is clearly passing east-to-west over Mexico, while later he's close enough to the British Isles to get hit by a stray missile. Later yet, he's over Florida.
  • When Thundercracker begins his attack on the Autobots, he says that he's taking "both" of them out. Apparently, he's completely ignoring Landmine and Overhaul in his headcount.


  • While the CGI animation in Cybertron is often criticized for not giving the Transformer characters much facial expression, Megatron's disdainful look as he plays chicken with Override is actually well done.
  • On Velocitron, Brakedown, Crumplezone, Dirt Boss, and Ransack all summon cyber keys at various points in the episode, so it's clearly a widely-known ability there. However, Override, during her (very close) race with Megatron, does not, even after he does. She still wins.
  • Three episodes ago, there was one Cyber Key invocation. Two episodes ago, there were two. Last episode, there were four. This episode, there were eight. Thank Primus this progression didn't continue.
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