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In Soviet Union, continuity notes you.

The Soviet Union is a nation-state on the planet Earth. It is considered to be one of the world's two "superpowers", along with its rival, the United States of America. Its capital city is Moscow, home of the Kremlin.

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The Transformers cartoon continuity

The Soviet Union joined with all the other governments of Earth in agreeing to provide the Autobots the energy needed to return to their home planet and restore it. This, however, did not come to pass, for reasons unknown. More Than Meets the Eye, Part 3

When an experimental Soviet jet was captured by the world's greatest trophy hunter, Lord Chumley, blame was erroneously placed on the United States. This brought tensions between the two countries to their highest level since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Later, the truth was exposed by the Autobots, the jet returned, and Chumley handed over to the Soviets. Prime Target

In 2006, the Decepticon Trypticon tried to steal the Kremlin, one of many famous structures from around the world he was collecting and bringing to Carbombya, as part of a scheme orchestrated by Octane. Metroplex arrived in time to thwart the attempt, but wound up caught seemingly red-handed, holding the building and appearing to be the thief himself. This led to Soviet government authorizing the expulsion of all Autobots from Soviet territory. The truth was later exposed, and the Autobots were welcomed back into the Soviet Union with open arms. Thief in the Night

The Headmasters

Sixshot threatens the Soviet Union and other countries for their energy. Terror! The Six Shadows

IDW comics continuity

An ongoing separatist movement in the Soviet state of Brasnya was being manipulated by the Decepticons for their own ends, by means of artificial human "facsimiles". Escalation issue 3

Movie (2007)

Ghosts of Yesterday novel

The Soviet Union were aware of the existence of the Mega-Man and KGB operatives attempted to seize it while it was in transit. Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday

Note: The funny thing? KGB was created March 15, 1954. In 1930s all USSR foreign espionage, counter-espionage and even basic law enforcement were handled by the NKVD, essentially the Ministy of the Interior.


  • Note: In the real world, the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, breaking up into its constituent republics. This event was foreseeable to economists when the Generation One animated series was being produced in the mid-nineteen eighties, but not to cartoon writers. Thus the third season of the cartoon, set in the then-future year of 2006, depicted the Soviet Union as still extant. Oh well.
  • The final issues of Escalation started referring to Russia instead of the Soviet Union. As to why a comic written in 2006 previously called it the Soviet Union and why it was changed? Um, well, we'll get back to you.