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Soundwave is a Decepticon from Prime continuity family.

Soundwave is totally loyal to Megatron. Along with his sidekicks: Frenzy, Rumble, and Lazerbeak, Soundwave is an opponent to fear. He is known by being "such a nerd". Soundwave was considered to be Megatron's second-in-command until Starscream joined the Decepticons and took the position away from Soundwave.

"Aww he's like their daddy."
―Sideswipe refers to Soundwave's relationship to his cassetes (during Soundwave boss battle).


War for Cybertron


"About face, maggot!"

Decepticon Campaign, Chapter I

When Megatron launched an assault on an orbital station commanded by the Autobot Starscream, Soundwave led a troop of Decepticons and gained control over a portion of the station, turning it into Megatron's command post. When Megatron arrived, Soundwave informed him, Brawl, and Barricade that Starscream locked down what was left of the station under his command from Decepticon reach. He also told Megatron he sent advance teams to clear the way for Megatron and his mini-squad.

Decepticon Campaign, Chapter II

After Starscream and his fellow Seekers reactivated the Energon Bridge that fed the orbital station power to manufacture more Dark Energon, Soundwave informed Megatron that the Dark Energon was manufacturing at maximum efficiency. Megatron, pleased, then ordered a full-scale assault on the city of Iacon, where Zeta Prime and the Autobots guarded the Omega Key, which opened the way to the core of Cybertron, where Megatron would then plant Dark Energon to gain control of Cybertron itself.

Decepticon Campaign, Chapter III

Soundwave accompanied Megatron and Breakdown during the assault on Iacon. After fighting wave after wave of Autobots, they encounter Brawl taking down an entire squadron of Autobots near the Iacon Vaults, where Zeta was protecting the Omega Key from Decepticon reach. After assisting taking down the Autobots, Megatron tried to force the door to open using the might of Dark Energon, but failed. Enraged by Zeta's taunting, Megatron ordered Brawl to call in an air strike to open the door. Unfortunately, when the pair of bombers came, the Autobot anti-aircraft guns did their job and took out the bombers. Brawl then gave Megatron a suggestion; take out the control panels that controlled the guns, which he did. Starscream, who received Brawl's second request of bombers, denied it, stating he won't have Brawl wasting anymore of his ships. Megatron intervened, asking Starscream since when were they his ships. Starscream, unenthusiastically and sarcastically, realized Megatron was there with Brawl, and approved the request, but said that it will take some time for them to arrive, and that they had to hold off for a while. Just when the Decepticons were surrounded by what seemed to be the Autobot army, the bombers arrived, not only trashing most of the army while wounding the rest, but damaged the door enough for Megatron to use Dark Energon against it. Megatron then ordered Brawl to go and stand ground at a different location. As the Decepticon trio neared the door, an Autobot tank appeared and crushed a Decepticon drone to death. After their short victory, the group continued forward and witnessed another Decepticon drone being crushed by Zeta's machinery. When they arrived at the door that stood between them and the Omega Key, Zeta appeared as a hologram and warned them to come no further. Megatron, stubborn as ever, promptly refused, and blasted the door open with Dark Energon. Just as Megatron was about to grab the Key, it flew away and landed on Zeta's hand as he came out of the floor elevator, asking Megatron if it were that easy to acquire the Key. Megatron, threateningly, told him that is he could "come down here, Zeta, and I will give you the answer". Zeta refused, and stating where he was would provide an excellent view of their destruction, and activated a giant holographic self from a machine, and stated that all he had to do was close his hand to chush the life out of Megatron. After the first few attacks, Soundwave stated he was at his weakest when he needed to recharge. After fighting his Energon clones and dodging the crushing machinery, they were able to defeat Zeta and his machine. Megatron then grabbed Zeta and ripped the key out of his hand, declaring that the core of Cybertron was his. The Key then commenced to beeping. Megatron was confused as Zeta explained that that device he was holding wasn't the actual Key; rather, it was a device that merely activated the Key, and told him not to worry, as the key will come to them...

Decepticon Campaign, Chapter IV



Megatron, Soundwave, and Breakdown tracked the Omega Key from the skies, using Megatron's flagship, the Nemesis to track it. Megatron ordered Soundwave to maintain a certain heading. Breakdown, confused, asked Megatron why they were tracking it when Zeta said it was going to come to them. Soundwave then interrupted by saying they were being intercepted by a massive Autobot ship. Destroying the two bombers that were accompanying Nemesis, the ship flew past the Decepticon flagship and transformed. Momentarily confused, Megatron asked where the ship went. Breakdown then wondered if this guy knew anything about the Omega Key, and just as he said that, a giant Autobot grabbed the Nemesis. Megatron stated that the giant robot "was" the Omega Key. The Autobot stated that it's name was Omega Supreme, and declared that the enemy was terminated, throwing the ship at a wall. Miraculously surviving the crash, Breakdown asked what they were going to do, and Megatron stated that if he was the Omega Key, then they'll have to force him to open the Omega Gate. Soundwave then revealed that there was a Decepticon dropship scanning for survivors of the attack. When they got to the ship, however, Omega Supreme arrived, destroying the ship. The Decepticons, destroying numerous Autobots, were able to get Omega Supreme to an area with several turrets scattered around the place, and shoot him down. Megatron, Soundwave, and Breakdown then went in for the kill.

Decepticon Campaign, Chapter V

When the trio landed in the arena, Breakdown pondered if he survived at all. Megatron promptly said that as long as there was enough to open the Omega Gate, he cared not. Breakdown, watching Omega transform, told Megatron that it wouldn't be a problem, and pointed toward him. Omega then grabbed a canister of Energon to rejuvenate himself, as Soundwave observed. After dodging his missiles and blasts, they were able to contaminate a few of them with Dark Energon, lowering Omega's defenses, which opened up an opportunity for the Decepticons to weaken him. With the final blast of Megatron's weapon, Omega Supreme finally fell, corrupted with Dark Energon. Megaron then declared that the core of Cybertron and the Autobot's most powerful weapon were his.

Autobot Campaign, Chapter VII

Megatron gave Soundwave command of Kaon's prison complex. As a pair of guards came up with some random prisoners, Soundwave ordered them to take the prisoners to recycling. Later, he would wait in Zeta Prime's cell block to do battle with the rescue party that had purposefully had themselves caught. He would use Zeta's Spark to make a energy barrier around himself, while dispatching Frenzy, Rumble, and Lazerbeak, respectively, to terminate them. However, as each were defeated, he would have to go and revive them, while exposing himself to heavy Autobot fire. When he sustained enough damage, he tried to re-energize himself using Zeta's spark, but was interrupted by Optimus. In a last-minute ditch, he fired a shot at Zeta, but the foolish rescue leader took the shot instead, which caused the Autobots under his command to momentarily forget about Soundwave as he ran damaged.

Autobot Campaign, Chapter VI

He appears only for a short time in this campaign - he produces 2 Energon Cubes from his chest and then he observes the Autobot group and warns others.


Trasnformers Prime

Soundwave heard Arcee talk Cliffjumper and told Starscream about it then said Megatron was back




Soundwave Deluxe toy from Generations

  • Cybertronian Soundwave (Deluxe, 2010)
    • Accessories: Gun, Shoulder Cannon



Boombox of doom.

  • Starscream and Soundwave are just backup second-in-commands. The true second in command is Shockwave (Prime).
  • In War for Cybertron, during the Decepticon missions, Soundwave often acts as the one who figures out what to do in an area, such as corrupting Omega Supreme's energon supply with Dark Energon.
  • He is also one of the few (if not the ONLY) who have the third alt mode in War for Cybertron, given that he was in a boombox-looking mode when guarding Zeta Prime
  • Soundwave has been mistaken by fans as a girl in TF: Prime, mistaking a transmission recording he played back to Starscream as his actual voice. Though listening very closely to the transmissions he plays back there is a alternative Soundwave-style voice saying what the transmissions say, though is muffled by the actual transmission
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