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Totally loyal to Megatron, Soundwave is Megatron's most trusted and closest lieutenant commanding a great deal of Megatron's army, often acting as his right-hand man in the absence of Decepticon second-in-command, Shockwave. He is known for being "such a nerd", and was once placed in charge of Kaon Prison.

In the Prime cartoon, Soundwave is completely silent, preferring to observe and record everything going on around him and use parts of other 'bots and 'cons sentences he hears as his own. His loyalty to Megatron remains unquestionable, and he keeps a wary optic on his fellow Decepticons should they begin feeling like standing against their master.

"War for Cybertron"
―Autobots. Surrender immediately, or be destroyed!

―That blasted Soundwave sees and hears everything! [src]


Exodus novel

Soundwave has command over the Minicons: Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, and Laserbeak.

Exiles novel

Soundwave was among the crew of the Nemesis.

Prime cartoon


Toward the end of Cybertron's golden age, Soundwave became one of Megatronus's most reliable soldiers as they prepared to change Cybertron. One Shall Rise, Part 3

Many years later, Soundwave was among Megatron's forces on Earth. He intercepted a conversation between Cliffjumper and Arcee and reported it to temporary commander Starscream. Sometime later he reported that he was receiving a transmission emminating from somewhere deep in space, and Starscream asked for certainty before activating the space bridge, through which Megatron arrived. Darkness Rising, Part 1


Shortly after Megatron left the Nemesis, Starscream told Soundwave he believed Megatron was not as sane as he once was, and told him to increase global surveillance, and Soundwave reminded him Megatron was still in charge. Soon he intercepted Agent Fowler talking about the Autobot base, and sent Laserbeak to retrieve the human. Darkness Rising, Part 3


After the ship's interstellar navigation satellite was damaged, Soundwave went to a telescope array in Texas to use it to aim the space bridge at Cybertron. However, someone else was preventing him from aligning them and upon viewing security footage extended a tentacle into the room some human children were in. Miko attempted to sever his tentacle with an ax, but Soundwave took it and used it to sever the computer system's hardline, locking the dishes on Cybertron. Before he flew off, Soundwave took photos of the humans to record their identities. Darkness Rising, Part 5

However the space bridge was destroyed and Megatron presumably killed. Starscream declared himself leader but was unable to rally the Vehicons, Starscream had Soundwave locate Skyquake. While watching Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Skyquake fight, Soundwave detected a signal from the site of the destroyed space bridge, and believed it was Megatron. Starscream reluctantly agreed to investigate, but Soundwave sent Lazerbeak to ensure Starscream did his job. Though Skyquake was killed, Soundwave and Lazerbeak made sure Starscream returned the barely-alive Megatron to the Nemesis. Masters & Students

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War for Cybertron

Voice actor: Isaac C. Singleton, Jr. (English)

When Megatron launched an assault on an orbital station commanded by the "Autobot" Starscream, Soundwave led a troop of Decepticons and gained control over a portion of the station, turning it into Megatron's command post. When Megatron arrived, Soundwave informed him, Brawl, and Barricade that Starscream locked down what was left of the station under his command from Decepticon reach. He also told Megatron he sent advance teams to clear the way for Megatron and his mini-squad. After Starscream and his fellow Seekers reactivated the Energon Bridge that fed the orbital station power to manufacture more Dark Energon, Soundwave informed Megatron that the Dark Energon was manufacturing at maximum efficiency. Megatron, pleased, then ordered a full-scale assault on the Autobot city of Iacon, where Zeta Prime and the Autobots guarded the Omega Key, which opened the way to the core of Cybertron, where Megatron would then plant Dark Energon to gain control of Cybertron itself.


Soundwave accompanied Megatron and Breakdown during the assault on Iacon. After fighting wave after wave of Autobots, they encounter Brawl taking down an entire squadron of Autobots near the Iacon Vaults, where Zeta was protecting the Omega Key from Decepticon reach. After assisting taking down the Autobots, they called in bombers to blast the door enough for Megatron to use Dark Energon against it. When they found the Key, it flew away and landed on Zeta's hand and began attacking his defenses. After the first few attacks, Soundwave stated that Zeta's machinery could be damaged during his recharge cycle. They were able to defeat Zeta and his machine, but Zeta explained that that device he was holding wasn't the actual Key; rather, it was a device that merely activated the Key.


Megatron, Soundwave, and Breakdown tracked the Omega Key and were being intercepted by a massive Autobot ship. Destroying the two bombers that were escorting warship, the ship flew past the Decepticon flagship and transformed. Megatron stated that the unknown Autobot "was" the Omega Key, as his fake Key was beeping faster. The Autobot stated that it's name was Omega Supreme, and declared that the enemy was terminated, throwing the ship at a wall. Miraculously surviving, Soundwave stated that his scans detected ion cannons at the top of the chasm wall. The Decepticons, destroying numerous Autobots, were able to lure Omega Supreme to the area, and shot him down. Megatron, Soundwave, and Breakdown then went in for the kill as Omega crashed down into an arena. When Omega attacked, Soundwave observed Omega grabbing a canister of Energon to rejuvenate himself. After contaminating a few of them with Dark Energon, Omega's defenses lower, opening up an opportunity for the Decepticons to attack. Soon Omega Supreme fell, corrupted with Dark Energon. Megatron then declared that the core of Cybertron and the Autobot's most powerful weapon were his.

He appeared during the battle of Iacon city, collecting Energon and ordering a street with some Autobots on it to be destroyed. he Then he noticed the Autobot group where he was stationed and warns others of the incoming Autobots. Later Megatron gave Soundwave command of Kaon's prison complex. As a pair of guards arrived up with some random prisoners, Soundwave ordered them to take the prisoners to recycling. He waited in Zeta Prime's cell to do battle with the rescue party that had purposefully had themselves caught, and used Zeta's Spark to make an energy barrier around himself, while dispatching Frenzy, Rumble, and Lazerbeak to terminate them. However, as each were defeated, he would have to go and revive them, exposing himself to heavy Autobot fire. When he sustained enough damage, he tried to re-energize himself using Zeta's spark, but was interrupted by Optimus. In a last-minute ditch, he fired a shot at Zeta, but the foolish rescue leader took the shot instead, which caused the Autobots under his command to momentarily forget about Soundwave as he ran damaged.

Rise of the Dark Spark

Voice actor: Isaac C. Singleton, Jr. (English)

Fall of Cybertron

Voice actor: Isaac C. Singleton, Jr. (English)

Soundwave was present when a captured Optimus Prime was brought before Megatron. He witnessed Megatron's "death" at the hands (literally) of Metroplex.

Later, after Starscream assumed command of the Decepticons, Soundwave, with the help of his minions, Laserbeak and Rumble, he is able to reassemble and re-energize his fallen master.

When Megatron assaults the prison complex built around the impact crater that resulted from Trypticon's crash landing, Soundwave accompanies him. They discover that Trypticon has been disassembled and is being slowly drained of his Energon, however, he is still alive. Megatron has a plan from just removing Trypticon's battery core to freeing Trypticon himself.

After Megatron had removed the restraints keeping all of Trypticon's components separated, Soundwave arrived to reformat Trypticon. Megatron held off the swarm of Autobots that attempted to stop them while Soundwave did his work. After the process was complete Soundwave attempted to give Megatron an estimated repair time for Trypticon. Megatron has an idea and tolds Trypticon that he "failed" to destroy Autobots. However, Trypticon was success to almost destroy Lacon City and kills few more Autobots. Soundwave inform Megatron that Trypticon's auxiliary mode would be permanently and Megatron giving him the new Nemesis Protocol mode.

In the final hours of the War for Cybertron, Soundwave spearheads the assault on the Ark by riding the first of the boarding tubes into the hull of the Ark. He then, with help from his minions, disables the Ark's defensive batteries by destroying the ammunition bay.



Soundwave Deluxe toy from Generations

  • Cybertronian Soundwave (Deluxe, 2010)
    • Accessories: Gun, Shoulder Cannon
Soundwave transforms into a Cybertronian armoured car. the cannons can be mounted on each side. In robot mode he is one the less accurate figures. His chest draw can open revealing a cavity for his cannons when not in use.
  • Cybertronian Soundwave (Voyager, 2012)
    • Accessories: Gun, Shoulder Cannon, shown with Laserbeak.
This Soundwave also transforms into the same mode as the Generation Soundwave. The only differences are in size (and price obviously), colour and accessories.


  • Soundwave (Deluxe, 2012)
This is a very accurate representation of the Transformers: Prime Soundwave. He transforms into a Stealth UAV resembling the Global Hawk, the differences being the jet engine is integral, and the "cockpit" is slimmed down. In humanoid mode, Laserbeak can attach to his chest as in the cartoon, or can peg onto his hand.

Prime: Beast Hunters

  • Soundwave (Deluxe, 2013)

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  • His type is a Scientist, having the abilities Spawn Sentry and Barrier and the primary weapons Neutron Assault Rifle and Energon Repair Ray.
  • Starscream and Soundwave are just backup second-in-commands. The true second in command is Shockwave.
  • In War for Cybertron, during the Decepticon missions, Soundwave often acts as the one who figures out what to do in an area, such as corrupting Omega Supreme's Energon supply with Dark Energon. This is most likely the game's attempt to avoid the annoying on screen guides that pop up to give advice that have been present in other Transformers games... and a far less annoying guide than a certain other.
  • He is also one of the few (if not the ONLY) who has a third alt mode in War for Cybertron. He has a Cybertronian SUV-like vehicle as well as the boombox-looking mode he assumed when guarding. Zeta Prime.
    • Soundwave has another altmode in Fall of Cybertron where he takes on the form of a familiar object from the G1 cartoon: A space-age lamp-post!
  • In the game War for Cybertron, if you look closely on his back, there is a Decepticon insignia. This can be seen on Megatron and all the Seekers as well.
  • Soundwave has been mistaken by fans as a girl in Prime, mistaking a transmission recording he played back to Starscream as his actual voice. Though listening very closely to the transmissions he plays back there is an alternative Soundwave-style voice repeating what the transmissions say, though is muffled by the actual transmission.
    • Simply put, he records everything he hears and plays back parts of the recordings when he needs them.
  • The Minicon that Soundwave deploys has a slight scale issue. Soundwave's alt mode is of a Predator drone, which is the size of a small plane. When he is seen deploying the drone from his body it appears to be much smaller than he is, but when it is seen attacking Agent Fowler's helicopter it is seen to be as large as the copter. This would make it only slightly smaller than Soundwave at that point.
    • The same problem occurs in season 2 when Laserbeak attacks the Jackhammer.
  • In Fall of Cybertron, in Soundwave's lab where he rebuilds Megatron, there is what appears to be a console that bears a resemblance to his Generation 1 counterpart's Cybertronian alt mode. It is the object that Laserbeak perches on when you can "pet" him.
  • So far, Soundwave is the only character seen in the cartoon that has no visible weapons, melee or ranged. The only combat capability he has been seen to use is the weapons of Laserbeak, using his long arms to block weapon strikes, and using his tentacles to toss his opponents around.
  • It is worth noting that Soundawave has never failed in a mission assigned to him by Megatron. As of season 3 episode 10 Minus One he speaks for the first time his classic line of Soundwave superior Autobots inferior before crashing his own drive to avoid interrogation.
    • He also has the same voice as his G1 counterpart, but it just sounds way more awesome with his new body
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