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The name or term Soundwave refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Soundwave (disambiguation).

Soundwave is a Planet X Decepticon from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy.
SoundwaveCyb FPbio

"The rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat."

Soundwave is possibly Planet X's most physically intimidating warrior, but his true talent and the real threat comes from his "mad skillz" at creating confusion. His audio-altering abilities let him change his voice to sound like virtually anyone, or focus devastating sonic attacks. He also seems to be able to create illusions, though of limited duration, to further confuse his targets. The abilities of his companion Laserbeak only increase Soundwave's ability to confound and crush.

Even his speech seems to be geared towards throwing people off-balance; though his tone is often a deadpan monotone (at least, when he's not impersonating someone else), his speech is that of a rave-club DJ, announcing loudly to "all the bots in the hizzouse" that he's here to "lay some science down on you all". Despite the appearance these mannerisms give off, he's actually a very serious-minded and focused robot, far more than his fellow Planet X agent Sideways. His mission is manipulating Autobot and Decepticon alike to get his revenge on the citizens of Gigantion, and serving the will of Unicron.

"His name is Soundwave, and he spins like the sun."
Thunderblast, "Giant"

Hungarian name: Hanghullám
Russian name: Бархан (Dune, "Barhan")


Cybertron cartoon[]

Voice actor: Gary Chalk, Robert O. Smith (US), Taketora (Japan)

"Can I get a what what?"

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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After Soundwave fled Cybertron Revelations Part 6, he met up with Megatron and his small band of Decepticons and led them to Gigantion, where he witnessed Megatron's defeat at the hands of Metroplex. He then helped the Decepticons transport their fallen leader underground. Giant He reunites with Sideways after Megatron's transformation to Galvatron. Fury Together they try to steal the Omega lock containing the four Cyber Planet keys to resurrect Planet X, but they are instead blasted into another dimension along with Starscream, after he was defeated by Galvatron. Showdown

Soundwave and Sideways were later seen back in normal space. They are probably wondering what to do now.

Fun Publications Cybertron comic[]

Soundwave is from the long-destroyed Planet X, his mind fixed solely on revenge against Gigantion for his homeworld's destruction. Immediately after that catastrophic event, Planet X's surviving scholars pooled their knowledge in a search for some force which might bring the same fate to their hated enemies. Lore of an ancient, planet-devouring being brought them hope, and they split up across the universe in their search for it. Soundwave would end up succeeding in the millennia-long quest, tracing the Gigantion Mini-Cons' origins to his quarry: Unicron. He struck a deal with the Chaos Bringer: one million years of servitude in return for the assured destruction of Gigantion. The other Planet X survivors also fell under Unicron's sway, and all of them have suffered mental instability for it.[1]

Unfortunately for Soundwave, Unicron was destroyed just as the end date of his servitude approached. The Sun But he did not let this minor detail impede his loyalty; he and Laserbeak stole the fallen Nemesis Prime's Dead Matrix from the Autobots on Cybertron and threw it into the Unicron Singularity. This somehow freed the Chaos Bringer's essence, which immediately sought out and entered the tiny planet Yst. Revelations Part 3 Reshaping it into his new body, Unicron (now the size of an average Transformer) returned to Cybertronian orbit and rejoined Soundwave. The two of them participated briefly in a battle among some Mini-Cons and a few dimensional travelers before they were frightened away by Cybertron itself converting to Primus' robot mode. Revelations Part 6



  • Soundwave w/ Laserbeak (Voyager-Class, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: GX-02
    • Accessories: Laserbeak Mini-Con partner, tri-barrel cannon/bomb, double-barrel blaster/bomb, Planet X Cyber Planet Key
CybertronSoundwave toy

"Throw your hands up in the air, you can surrender but I just don't care."

Soundwave transforms into a Cybertronic stealth bomber somewhat akin to a F-117A Nighthawk prototype, the Have Blue. He comes with three hexagonal prism "bombs"; one converts into his partner Laserbeak, the other two unfold into non-firing blaster weapons. Any one of these "bombs" can be stored in his robot-mode chest, which opens by plugging a Cyber Planet Key into him. The other two store in indents on the underside of his wings. He comes with a silver-bordered Planet X style Cyber Planet Key; the Hasbro version has the Key Code "vmj8" tampographed on the back.
The Japanese Galaxy Force version has more elaborate paint applications, particularly around the face and wings. This version also has vacuum-metallized plastic, but lacks the Decepticon sigil. Many Soundwave figures in the initial Galaxy Force run had a serious misassembly issue preventing the toy from correctly transforming into fighter mode. The large hinge bar that connects the upper torso to the waist is bolted crookedly on one side, making it impossible for the legs and the canopy to properly fit the front of the fighter.
This mold was later used to make Galaxy Force Soundblaster and Universe Autobot Blaster.
  • Soundwave (Legends of Cybertron, 2005)

Of all the LOCs, this one gets served the most.

This incredibly-simplified version of the original Soundwave toy was made available in the third wave of Legends of Cybertron product. It is worth noting that his jet-mode cockpit does not attach to his left arm, but rather just kind of hangs awkwardly off his left hip.


  • According to the Galaxy Force Volume 13 DVD booklet, Soundwave's stats are:
    • Height: 4.1 meters
    • Weight: 4.1 tons
    • Speed: Mach 4.1
  • Although this version of Soundwave has a digitally enhanced voice like the original, he talks like a DJ instead of with a stereotypically robotic monotone. A nice change of pace. Come to think of it, he talks exactly like his namesake's Autobot counterpart.
  • So far, this is the only Soundwave that isn't loyal to Megatron in the franchise. In fact, his only direct interaction with Megatron is leading him to Gigantion. As Soundwave's objective was to destroy Gigantion, he likely aligned with the Decepticons as a means to an end. Didn't work too well, since Galvatron sent him on a one way trip to another dimension.
  • Soundwave and Sideways have been seen carrying the original Soundwave in the Anime. Boy, this guy really likes playing himself.


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