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The name or term Soundwave refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Soundwave (disambiguation).

Soundwave is the communications and surveillance expert of the Decepticons, he can hack into the toughest of computers and equipment. He is one of Megatron's right hand 'bots, along with his menagerie of Ravage and Laserbeak. Soundwave is almost as cold and calculating as Shockwave, and very intelligent. Starscream hates him for one reason: If any Decepticon is disloyal or disobeys Megatron, he sends the footage to Megatron, and watches him tear the unfortunate apart. Starscream is always on his best behavior around Soundwave.

In satellite mode, orbiting planets, he keeps watch over the Decepticons. On Cybertron, he guided drone attacks from above the surface. He has always kept away from direct combat.

"Decepticons, is time."
―Soundwave beginning the assault[[Revenge of the Fallen.| [src]]]




Not the same guy, we swear.

Soundwave arrived on Mars to find that Dreadwing the traitor had died. He called in Starscream, the other "loyal" servant of Lord Megatron, from his battle against Wreckage, the humans, and Bumblebee. He won.

Soundwave's name wasn't revealed until the end with unknown Transformers heading towards Earth and saying more are on his ship. The ship crashed on Mars, leaving many Decepticons living there under the will of Starscream.

Titan Magazines[]

While Skids and Mudflap were training on Phobos, a moon of Mars, Soundwave arrived with Grindor and Sideways. They forced the twins to hunt for Ransack.

When the twins returned to Phobos, Soundwave interrogated Ransack. As Soundwave was going to assassinate Ransack, Skids and Mudflap attacked. Ransack made his escape. He blasted Starscream in the back. Soundwave launched missiles but Ransack dodges them. Turnabout

At the island of Great Abaco, the Bahamas. A NEST ship was moored. On board were Epps and Captain Lennox. The ship's commander detected a bogey. Soundwave attacked a nearby tanker ship, blowing it up. The ship countered Soundwave's attack and he headed for cover in some clouds. Little did he realize he had entered the Bermuda triangle.


He broke cover and came across a ship. He flied over and scans it, it was revealed as USS Cyclops, the crew were lost at sea on the 4th March 1918. The captain of the ship thought the Germans had launched a new war machine, he ordered the crew to open fire. Another ship came into view. Soundwave scanned it and it was the USS Nereus, a reconditioned transport ship, lost December 1941. That crew think it's a Japanese weapon, so they opened fire as well. Soundwave retreated into the sky above the clouds. He came under attack by five Grumman Avengers. He scans them and learned they were Flight 19, lost in a storm 5th December 1945.

Soundwave retreated into space and landed on the Moon, as he feels it's much safer than Earth. Making Waves

Note: The following events happen before Dark of the Moon.

In the Laguna De Guatavita, Central Columbia, Mr. Kubikari was searching for El Dorado, the lost city of gold, he had been planting explosives to clear the rubble under the water. He followed orders from Mr. Wave. When Kubikari found the lost city, Soundwave burst out from one of the cargo crates and attacks.

Major Lennox had been watching the group for a while. He called to "Silver Lining" for back-up. Soundwave launched a missile at their boat, destroying it. Lennox received a message that back-up will arrive in 30 seconds. Lennox attacked Soundwave. A NEST cargo plane arrived, dropping Ratchet and Optimus Prime off. Optimus landed directly on Soundwave, making him collapse.

Lennox smacked a gang member of a 50 cal. Mounted on a Hummer and using it himself, he and Ratchet began destroying the gang's cargo. Meanwhile, Soundwave took off with Optimus on his back, who ripped off an engine, causing them to plunge into the Lagoon. In the battle on the El Dorado pyramid, Mr Kubikari activated the bomb planted near there, sending Optimus and Soundwave flying. Optimus landed on the beach, while Soundwave retreated. Gold and Blood

In the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Sergeant Epps, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime were tracking a rogue Decepticon, Soundwave, during a gale force blizzard. Out of nowhere, Soundwave approached. Epps thought Soundwave's weapon systems had crashed — he was wrong. Just as Bumblebee arrived at Epps' position, Soundwave fires his sonic cannons, badly damaging Bumblebee, and breaking Epp's arm.


Optimus arrived just in time to stop Soundwave executing Epps and Bumblebee. Soundwave tricked him into fighting against him. Unarmed, but it was only Optimus that won't have his weapons. Soundwave fired and the blast knocked Prime over the edge of a cliff, but he managed to hold on to a small ledge. Soundwave shot again to bring the cliff side down, but Optimus escaped and hid in a small crack in the cliff. Soundwave was unaware of this and carries on shooting while Optimus snuck up behind him and shouts "BOO!" at him. He then shoved the Decepticon over the edge.

Optimus regrouped with the others where Epps had reached a decision about his performance, he must leave NEST. Dealing with the Devil


Voice actor: Jon Bailey
Bumblebee Soundwave Ravage Eject

"Ravage, eject!"

In the absence of Megatron, Soundwave and Shockwave led the Decepticon forces on Cybertron in an all-out assault on the Autobot resistance. During the battle, Soundwave deployed Ravage to combat Optimus Prime.

Revenge of the Fallen film[]

Voice actor: Frank Welker (English, Italian)
"Soundwave acknowledges."
―Soundwave being observant[[Revenge of the Fallen| [src]]]


Soundwave sent Wheelie to spy on Sam Witwicky at his home, and then ordered him to retrieve the Allspark shard being held by Mikaela Banes. Soundwave later hacked into a satellite by connecting to it with his tentacles. He acquired all the frequencies and signals from the satellite, and thus listened in on a NEST debriefing. From it he discovered the location of the last AllSpark fragment and Megatron's corpse from Theodore Galloway's rant. He then deployed Ravage to Diego Garcia to retrieve that AllSpark shard and to rendezvous with the Constructicons to revive Megatron.

Once Megatron was revived and had ordered the Decepticons to openly attack Earth, Soundwave ordered: "Decepticons Mobilize...It is time." He kept track of the AllSpark-empowered Sam's parental units. He called Judy Witwicky on her cellphone, demanding to know where he was hiding. She did not understand Soundwave's deep voice, calling him a perverted mouth-breather and hung up. From this he decided to send some Decepticon Protoforms to retrieve Sam's parents from their location in France. Later, he located Sam in Egypt via a security camera which transmitted the face to the satellite and Starscream was sent in pursuit. Revenge of The Fallen

Revenge of the Fallen game[]

  • Soundwave is a downloadable character available in a download pack.
  • He is the only character able to have two drones active at the same time.
  • His primary weapon is a sound blaster that slows Transformers. His secondary weapon charges and fires a concentrated beam of sound. His vehicle mode weapon fires a thin beam of sound that slows. His vehicles mode is based off his deluxe toy vehicle mode. His special ability differs. In vehicle mode, he launches a Jammer Pod, that fires three shots upon enemies, while also always being on their radar. In robot mode, he launches an AOE Pod, which damages and slows enemies.

Dark of the Moon game[]

Chapter 4


After an order from Megatron, Soundwave descended to planet Earth and takes the disguise of a white/silver SUV. With the help of Laserbeak, Soundwave infiltrated an old Sector Seven base on a volcanic island. The island was now under the control of N.E.S.T. They destroyed the island by triggering a volcanic eruption. They also destroy the MechTech weapons being held in Wheeljack's lab, also located on the island base.

  • His weapons consist of a chargeable Sonic cannon as his primary weapon and an Assault rifle as his secondary.
  • His abilities consist of a Stun ability that momentarily stuns nearby Autobots and Ultrasonics which act as a shockwave weapon that can also disrupt certain kinds of technology.

Dark of the Moon film[]

Voice actor: Frank Welker (English), Jirou Saitou (Japanese)

During the 1970s, Soundwave had tried to hide the Ark's presence on the moon by gaining human contacts in the United States and Soviet Union, whose creative accounting would render further trips to the moon financially unfeasible. One of these was Dylan Gould's father, while Dylan himself would later accept Soundwave as a "client".

Three years after "Operation: Firestorm" and the death of the Fallen, Soundwave had separated from the satellite and adopted the form of Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. The communication's officer hid out in the plains of Africa with Megatron and the other Decepticon's were they lived in exile. Soundwave, Shockwave, Driller, Starscream, Laserbeak and the diminutive Igor were the only ones under his command.


Soundwave met with Megatron and Starscream at an outpost in Nambia, Africa. He and Laserbeak reported on the Autobots finding of The Ark and Sentinel Prime on the Earth's moon. Megatron noted that Soundwave had done him great honor tracking the Ark, and having decided that they had served their purpose, ordered Soundwave and Laserbeak to eliminate their human collaborators. One of these was Jerry Wang.

Later, disguised as a Mercedes he was given as a gift to Carly Spencer from Dylan Gould, the only human operative Soundwave spared from termination, in order to spy on both her and Sam Witwicky. When Sam and Carly realized Dylan was a Decepticon agent, they attempted to escape in Soundwave, only for him to reveal himself and trap Carly in his vehicle mode. Dylan revealed that Soundwave and Laserbeak had been to Earth before, in order to cover up as much of the Ark as possible and to steal Sentinel's Space bridge pillars. Soundwave threatened Carly with his tentacles in order to force Sam Witwicky to cooperate and discover the Autobot's plans. He soon escorted some of the pillars to Chicago for Megatron and Sentinel.

"No prisoners, only trophies."
―Soundwave orders the execution of the captive Autobots[[Dark of the Moon| [src]]]


During the battle in Chicago, Soundwave, Barricade and several Protoforms captured Sideswipe, Bumblebee, Dino, Que, and Ratchet. However, Dylan appealed to Soundwave's violent side, persuading the Decepticon to give the order to execute their Autobot prisoners. Barricade killed Que, then Soundwave took Bumblebee and began leading him to his death. Soundwave prepared his sonic cannon to shoot Bumblebee when, at the very last second, Wheelie and Brains crashed the Decepticon mothership nearby, raining stored fighters onto the Autobots and Decepticons.


Bumblebee (as always) took advantage of the distraction and attacked Soundwave with a punch and a kick to the face, engaging in a firefight with Soundwave. Soundwave was not able to get a good shot on Bumblebee, even accidentally hitting his comrades while targeting the light footed Autobot. After receiving several blows from Bumblebee, Soundwave caught hold of Bumblebee's back, throwing him. Bumblebee then shot Soundwave on the leg. He lurched onto Bumblebee, who knocked his sonic cannon out of his hand, giving him a punch to the gut before Bumblebee rammed his canon into Soundwave's chest before firing upwards, blasting his head off his shoulders. The blast killed him immediately as Bumblebee threw his lifeless body onto the road like a non-souled bot. Dark of the Moon



Where are my other minions?

  • Soundwave (Deluxe, 2009)
Soundwave has two alt modes in addition to his humanoid mode: Cybertronian jet and satellite, which makes him a triple changer. He has a firing projectile known as the "Ravage Missile". Much like his Transformers Animated counterpart, he's quite short for even a Deluxe class figure. He has two heads. One for humanoid mode and one for satellite mode.
His packaging says that his "Cannon converts to blade." However, he has a cannon on his back, which fires the Ravage-missile, and two blades on each hand. Those two are separated and are not much articulated nor removable. It is possible, that this line was supposed to be on Voyager class Ratchet's as his right arm can be converted into a cannon, which can be unfolded into a blade, though it's actually an axe.
  • Chara Hobby Black Soundwave (Deluxe, 2009)
  • Gathering at Nemesis (Figure multi-pack, 2009)
Soundwave came as a three pack with The Fallen and Megatron. Soundwave was the same mold, but with colors homage to G1 soundwave.
  • Soundwave (Legends, 2009)

Soundwave didn't go on the diet like the rest of the Deceptions did.

This version of Soundwave transforms into a rather simplified version of his satellite mode that somewhat resembles an actual Earth satellite rather than the hunk of Cybertronian floatsam that he becomes in the movie. On a plus side though, this toy has a lot of articulation for a Legends class and both he and his alt-mode can be placed in various different poses.
  • Battlefield Bumblebee Vs. Infiltration Soundwave (Deluxe 2-pack, 2010)
The set features a redeco of Cannon Bumblebee and Deluxe Soundwave.
  • Soundwave (Cyberverse Legion, 2011)
This is a smaller version of Dark of the Moon Soundwave. He transforms into a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG sports car.
  • Soundwave (Deluxe, 2011)
This is an all new Deluxe mold of Soundwave, he now turns into the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG sports car.
His MechTech weapon is quite big for a Deluxe figure. It changes from a radar dish into a cannon, presumably his Sonic Cannon shown in the game.
  • Soundwave / Mr. Gould with Laserbeak (Human Alliance, 2011/Japan, 2012/US)
Soundwave comes with a small figure of Laserbeak and a 2-inch Dylan Gould driver figure which does not look much like him. Soundwave's license plate reads, "SUPERIOR" — a reference to his catch phrase, "Soundwave superior," from The Transformers: The Movie. Laserbeak transforms into a blaster with a mounting point for any human figure. As with the Deluxe figure, this figure is officially licensed from Mercedes-Benz.
This toy was not released in the US in 2011 just like some Dark of the Moon toy, but there are plans for releasing it later in 2012 in the US.
  • Soundwave/Lasearbeak (Studio series .2019)

Soundwave got a pretty detailed and well-painted figure under the line of Studio series. He transfromed into a 2011 Mercedez-Benz SLS AMG and came with a little Laserbeak.



  • Soundwave was originally supposed to feature in Transformers: he fulfilled both Barricade and Frenzy's roles, hacking into the CIA headquarters as a portable stereo, then morphed into a Humvee to track down Sam Witwicky.[1]Michael Bay's decision to minimize the amount of morphing in the film resulted in a change to a helicopter who openly attacks the army. Soundwave and Ravage were changed to Blackout and Scorponok as the film's location was changed from a jungle to a desert.[2][3] Hasbro had also insisted on Soundwave having a musical mode, so he was changed to the character eventually known as Frenzy, to the extent that he had to be renamed.
  • No vocoder is used to simulate his Generation One counterpart voice for the film, thus making him sound like Dr. Claw. This is corrected in the Revenge of the Fallen games. Not only does he speak like Dr. Claw, he shares a relationship with Ravage like the relationship that Claw and MAD Cat shares. Frank Welker's Dr Claw voice can be modified through a vocoder to make him sound like G1 Soundwave.
    • A semi vocoder sound can be heard for about one second when he is telling the other Decepticons to mobilize. Though it is not exact, it does make his voice sound a little closer to his Generation One counterpart's voice.
  • In the Revenge of the Fallen videogame console versions, he instructs the player's Decepticon character in the Decepticon campaign.
  • Soundwave's mouth, or at least his faceplate, moves when he speaks and, insect-like mandibles are visible beneath his faceplate, similar to Frenzy's.
  • To hack into the satellite, he deploys numerous mechanical tentacles, which eject what looks like white gooey jelly inside the machine, um, very disturbing.
  • According to some sources, in early concepts Soundwave could scan alt-modes for Decepticons from space; therefore, they wouldn't waste time to find themselves new bodies, but could rush into battle immediately after landing. This was, however, unused, maybe because movie makers would have to make several new Transformers instead of bunch of shapeless protoforms.[August, 2009]

The legends class Soundwave toy in a closer approximation to his altmode in the movie

  • Soundwave's satellite mode is barely seen entirely, yet it is certain that the deluxe figure's satellite mode isn't even close as shown in the film.
    • However, several elements that are present in the toy can be seen in the movie if you look closely. Examples include the three wings/solar panel things and his curved blade\gun things.
    • His satellite mode is more easily seen in the Dark of the Moon game. There it is revealed that, despite being smaller and less advanced, the legends class toy is able to assume a closer approximation to the film satellite than the deluxe toy. However, it requires you to place the toy in a different formation than the instructions indicate.
  • In the Dark of the Moon game, Soundwave turns into a supped up SUV instead of the Mercedes in the film. How he got his game form is unknown.
  • In Dark of the Moon, Soundwave has a mouth, and teeth.
  • In Dark of the Moon, Soundwave's guns appear to be modeled on the UZI, or the Scorpion Sub-Machine guns.
    • The guns also resemble one of the alien weapons seen in the movie District 9 in both appearance and function, specifically the "vacuum" gun.
  • Soundwave is one of the few Decepticon troops capable of sustained flight that chooses to remain a landlocked car. Megatron opted to do the same with his truck form. This was likely to avoid detection.
  • His appearance in Titan Magazines is the only time he is seen in his third "Jet mode".
  • When Soundwave first transforms in Dark of the Moon, his movements resemble break dancing.
    • This is similar to how Jazz first transforms in the first movie.
  • The speakers on Soundwave's chest are seen to be vibrating powerfully when Soundwave speaks.
  • In Dark of the Moon film, his vehicle form, a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, is coloured AMG Alubeam Silver.
  • The round plates on Soundwave's arms can be seen to vibrate in a similar way to speakers. This most likely a reference to his previous musical related forms.
  • In Dark of the Moon, Soundwave's head appears to be a bit wolf-ish.
  • Despite being a powerful Decepticon, Soundwave proves to be a crappy fighter. Besides briefly throwing Bumblebee, he fights with just his cannons. This proves to be his downfall.


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