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Specifics: Toy, pre-release green Soundwave

Soundwave is a brooder, like his fellow Mutants, with a tendency towards the dramatic. He has ultra-sensitive internal radar, and his tail can send seismic shock waves through the ground.


Universe: Featuring the Wreckers

Wreckers Mutants

If only they DID have hands, my woman. If only... they DID have hands.

Soundwave and the other three Mutants were discarded offspring of Megatron's experiments. Despite their "tortured existence," they were given a mission from the Oracle itself: Travel to the Outer Orion cluster, where they would find a way to restore their true forms and heal their fractured Sparks. Departure

Arriving at their destination, Soundwave was increasingly cynical about the nature of their mission. His pessimism seemed justified, as he and the other Mutants were herded into a Quintesson courtroom and sentenced to death, despite their pleas. Though it appeared that all four were devoured by Sharkticons Betrayal, only Soundwave and Razor Claw met their gruesome end. Poison Bite and Icebird survived, revealing the Mutants' role as avatars of Primus as the remaining two extinguished the lives of their would-be executors. Wreckers: Finale Part II

IDW Beast Wars comics

Bw soundwave

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Soundwave was one of the many protoforms from the remaining Axalon stasis pods to be reactivated by Razorbeast. He and his fellow Mutants took up residence in a swamp. When a Predacon scouting party intruded on their home, the Mutants defended their home vigorously - in the course of the slaughter, Soundwave bit Powerpinch's leg off. The Gathering #3


Beast Wars

  • Soundwave (Mutant, 2000)
Soundwave is a deluxe-sized toy and can transform between bat and alligator forms. He has a panel on the chest of his bat mode that can be lifted to reveal mechanical parts. His robot face can be revealed within the bat's mouth by pressing a spine on the back of the bat head.
His alligator mode has Reed Richards' arms and looks just damn strange.
This mold was to be used to make Leatherhide, but that toy was ultimately canceled.
As a note, the toy suffers from a SERIOUS case of BPS, or brown plastic syndrome, which is identical to the very infamous GPS, only with brown plastic.


  • The four Mutants were originally developed as toys for the Animorphs line. But with that line's cancellation, the molds were retooled to replace the human parts with robotic bits, as well as change the Animorphs logo with the new "Mutant" faction symbol.
  • Early pictures of Soundwave showed him with green plastic rather than brown, presumably on the whole "alligator=green" thing... leading to not only a damn strange-looking bat mode, but some color redundancy with Razor Claw.
  • His alt modes are the ones originally used for the first two Beast Wars figures: Megatron (Crocodile) and Optimus Primal (Bat).

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