Sonic Wing Mode is a combination between Optimus Prime and Wing Saber.

Japanese name: Sonic Convoy


Cybertron anime

After Starscream has stolen three Cyber Planet Keys and the Omega Lock from the Autobots , he gained incredible power and the Autobots had no chance to defeat him until Wing Saber asks Optimus to combine. Prime refuses at first, saying that worked once, but not a second time. But after Starscream blew up some more soldiers of his team, he changed his mind. After the first attempts failed, they finally managed to combine into the powerful Sonic Wing Mode. The surprised Starscream didn't stand a chance against this power and was defeated before being warped away by Sideways. The victorious Autobots then headed for Cybertron to stop Megatron from retaining the Omega Lock. After a long battle, Optimus (in Sonic Wing Mode) defeated Megatron in the Fire dimension , took the Omega Lock and headed back to Cybertron. Cybertron


  • Sonic Wing Mode is the most powerful combination of all. That made Leobreaker very jealous.
  • The Cyber Key Power activates the powerful backcannon from Wing Saber, which is strong enough to blow of some jerks.
  • Optimus can use Wing Saber's blades.
  • As the name already says, it is very fast, capable of dodging laserblasts coming in at the speed of light!
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