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Shake shake shake...
Shake shake shake...

Shake your chassis...

Sonic Scrambler Mines are a type of weapon in the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Sonic Scrambler Mines disrupt the electrical impulses in Transformers neuro-circuitry, rendering them unable to control their limbs. Large quantities of the mines can make it impossible to even walk.

By themselves Sonic Scrambler mines are a nuisance, but they are usually employed as a distraction of harrying action to incapacitate an enemy while launching long-range attacks from beyond the range of the mines' effect.


Trypticon carries a full complement of Sonic Scrambler Mines (at least 5,) which he can launch via missiles from his repulsor disks.

Trypticon planted a single mine as lure outside of the Ark to draw the Autobots advance guard out. While Warpath (able to fire his chest-mounted canon without control of his arms) was able to destroy the mine, Trypticon attacked the now-exposed Autobots, and seeded the entire cave entrance with multiple mines to incapacitate the arriving reinforcements, intendign to pick them off at his leisure when he was finished with the main group.

The mines were not removed until after Trypticon was forced to retreat by Grimlock and the Dinobots. King of the Hill!

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