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This article is about the Powered Master in Zone. For Galaxy Force character, see Wing Saber.

Sonic Bomber is an Autobot Powered Master from the Generation One continuity family.

The world's most way-past-cool robot!

Sonic Bomber is the youthful, energetic and happy-go-lucky second in command of the Autobots. He looks up to his Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas with respect and admiration. Though brash and cocky, Sonic Bomber knows when to shut up and do what he's told.

When he is combined with Dai Atlas, they become Sky Powered. However, when he's combined with Dai Atlas and Road Fire, they become the all-powerful Big Powered.

He is paired with his Micromaster partner, aptly named Sonic.


Zone OVA

Voice actor: Kaneto Shiozawa (Japan)

Sonic Bomber is the name, speed is my game!

Sonic Bomber first appears in the OVA along with Dai Atlas after the Destron attack. He explains what the Zodiac is after Dai Atlas states wthat the Zodiac is what they are after. On Earth, he fights off the Destrons while Dai Atlas heads underground to get the Zodiac. After the Zodiac is activated he combines with Dai Atlas into a battle base and destroys two Destrons. He later serves as a platform for Dai Atlas allowing him to kill Predaking. Enter the New Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas!

Zone story pages

Dreamwave comics continuity

Sonic Bomber (or someone who looks a lot like him) is part of a big crowd of unhappy Cybertrons who make Prowl look really stupid when he tries to make a speech. Skyfire



  • Sonic Bomber (1990)
    • Japanese ID Number: C-347
    • Accessories: Gun

I never knew Joe Pi had a jet mode.

Sonic Bomber transforms into an aircraft based vaugely upon the SR-71 Blackbird. In vehicle mode, he can combine with Dai Atlas and Road Fire to form Big Powered. He can also form a Micromaster base mode that can connect to other Micromaster bases, including his the ones of his aforementioned buddies.
Sonic Bomber was released exclusively in Japan for the 1990 wave of Zone toys. He was released again later that year as part of a giftset with Dai Atlas and Road Fire.
  • Big Powered (Multi-figure giftset, 1990)
    • Japanese ID Number: C-353
Sonic Bomber was also released in a giftset with Dai Atlas and Road Fire.


  • The Sonic Bomber toy was used as the "Hiryu" mech for "Brave Express Might Gaine" villain Joe Raibaru. The character model was altered in various ways, such as more menacing feet and a creepier face, but the toy itself had no remolding. Sonic Bomber's design was also used for the "Mega Sonic" robots from the same series, which were never made as toys. It was also used again in "Brave of Gold Goldran" as the briefly appearing "Revibaron" robot, which also incorporated Dai Atlas's jet nose and Deathsaurus's head. Revibaron was not made into a toy, either.

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