Solus Prime is one of the Thirteen who was introduced via the Prime continuity.

Solus Prime

Solus Prime was one of the original Thirteen Primes, and the only recorded female Prime, and the archetype of all female Cybertronians. She is said to be gold and black in appearance.

She was the creator and guardian of some of the most legendary and powerful weapons ever designed by a Cybertronian:

"Solus Prime to Optimus Prime, via hologram."
―The Matrix of Leadership has spoken to me. Your quest is perilous and your situation dire. It is well that you came here, but you must leave.



Writing in the Covenant of Primus, Alpha Trion finds himself thinking of Solus Prime and the weapons she created.

Megatronus Prime, soon to be the Fallen, went to Solus Prime and asked her to build a new weapon to defeat Unicron, the Requiem Blaster. She did build, but took days doing it, the other Thirteen, such as Amalgamous Prime and Nexus Prime, were getting annoyed because she spent so long on one thing that she could have built many more wonders in that time.

She later invited them into her forge, where in the distance was the Requiem Blaster aimed at a mountain. When fired, it completely destroyed the mountain. Because it was so powerful, too powerful perhaps, she voted to take apart, the vote 7 to 6, it would be destroyed, and only Solus could ever put it back together again.

Solus Prime was later killed in a battle with the Fallen, her forge where she created such weapons as the Requiem Blaster, was moved to an asteroid in a quiet, unpopulated part of the Cosmos with a single space bridge to get to it. The forge was turned into her tomb, and she was sealed inside, in peace.

Prime cartoonEdit

Breakdown and Knock Out unearthed a Cybertronian Hammer artifact that is referred to as the Forge of Solus Prime (which can forge any machine). Even though the Decepticons claimed the artifact in the end, Megatron was unable to get it to work since it will only work if used by a Prime. Operation Bumblebee: Part 2

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