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Scrapper is a Decepticon Constructicon from the Generation 1 continuity family.

"By my own standards, Metroplex is the awesomest thing ever."

Scrapper is the leader of the Constructicons. While the other Constructicons put their masterpieces together, Scrapper is the one who designs everything for them. His designs are among the best in Transformer history, however, Scrapper is a modest Decepticon who quickly shrugs off the praise he receives. In that respect he is the polar-opposite of his second in command, Hook, who is an egomaniacal glory-hound.

Though modest, Scrapper is still a total nutcase. One of his favorite artistic liberties with his designs involves taking living Autobots and using them as raw materials. This vicious act is something Megatron finds admirable, as he considers Scrapper the most valuable of the Constructicons.

French-Canadian name: Bricolo
Italian name: Ringhio
Hungarian name: Boxoló


Marvel Comics continuity

Generation 1

(Note: Events in italics are from UK-exclusive stories.)

(Additional note: Scrapper doesn't appear to be the leader of the Constructicons in most if any of his appearances. In the Constructicons' origin story, Scavenger seems to be in charge. Later, during Totaled!, Bonecrusher is named as their leader.)


Scrapper will be up all night with THAT assignment.

Early in the Transformers' war on Earth, Shockwave used the stolen power of the Creation Matrix to give life to the first of a new generation of Decepticon warriors, the Constructicons. Scrapper and the other Constructicons were immediately given a mission upon their coming online -- construct a communications tower to transmit a message to Cybertron. A truckstop was raided for raw materials, which attracted the ire of trucker Bomber Bill, who, with the aid of the Autobots, managed to destroy the tower Scrapper and the other Constructicons had built. The Next Best Thing to Being There!

Scrapper and the Constructicons, after troubleshooting their union as Devastator, were sent by Shockwave to abduct Buster Witwicky. Their attack was called off to regroup when Soundwave discovered Buster held the rest of the Creation Matrix in his head. Devastation Derby!

After Megatron's retaking of Decepticon command, Scrapper and the other Constructicons were charged with building perimeter defences around their headquarters located at the base of a coal strip mine in eastern Wyoming. Devastator's services were again required when the Autobots staged a surprise attack, but they retreated once they had what they needed. Command Performances!

During Ratbat's command, an attack was ordered on the combined Autobot forces on Earth's moon while Blaster and Grimlock dueled for leadership. Under cover of battle, Scrapper and the other Constructicons retrieved the remains of several fallen and captured Decepticons. Totaled!

(Note: The following two sections both split off from the end of the Generation 1 comic, but in different, irreconcileable directions.)

Generation 2

Scrapper and Bonecrusher helped construct a thermal bomb perimeter around the Autobot/Decepticon encampment which was entrenched on Earth awaiting arrival of the Swarm. A Rage in Heaven!


(Note: Classics ignores both the Marvel UK comics and Generation 2.)

Finally, Scrapper gets some "facetime."

In the fifteen years since the battle on Klo, Megatron was resurrected and had reclaimed portions of his previous army, including Scrapper and the other Constructicons. When the Decepticon Landquake mysteriously appeared and claimed to be from another timeline, his body was scrutinized by Soundwave and Scrapper. Scrapper's research led him to believe Landquake was telling the truth, noting that study of Unicron pointed towards the existence of parallel worlds and that Landquake's makeup was unlike any Transformer construction he was familiar with.

Furthermore, he announced to Megatron that an anomaly in South America radiated identical wavelengths as Landquake, something that might merit further inspection. Scrapper's only mistake was suggesting the hypothetical help of Shockwave would be appreciated, resulting in violence upon his person from Megatron. Regardless, Megatron agreed that the anomaly demanded his attention, and while Scrapper was instructed to pry deeper into Landquake's energon readings, the Decepticon commander accompanied the rest of his troops to South America. Crossing Over, Part 2

Animated continuity


My continuity makes me dizzy.

Voice actor: Michael Bell (US), ? (Japan)

Scrapper, who was evil, helped build Megatron. Five Faces of Darkness

Later, Megatron used the Robo-Smasher to make Scrapper, who was good, evil. The Secret of Omega Supreme

Finally, Megatron built Scrapper. Heavy Metal War

It all makes sense.

Scrapper's nasty side is shown when he uses the remains of damaged Autobots to make a throne.... nasty! Triple Takeover

Dreamwave comics continuity


Construction vehicles are green on Cybertron, too.

Nine million years ago, a young Megatron staged a Decepticon uprising and sieged Iacon to smokescreen his true designs. Long-buried planetary engines from Cybertron's similarly buried past were to be refitted by Scrapper and his Constructicons in order to convert their planet into a galaxy-faring war world. While Megatron had gone briefly missing during battle, Scrapper was ordered by Starscream to accelerate the process, despite the Constructicon's misgivings. Their hasty actions could tear the planet apart! Nevertheless, Scrapper complied under threat of deadly force. As Scrapper predicted, the region went under a major upheavel, and he and the other Transformers in the area were forced to abandon their work as everything exploded. The War Within

The war entered a dark age when both Optimus Prime and Megatron were presumed lost forever in a space bridge accident. During this time, the technology of combining (and thus Devastator himself) was invented, but Devastator and other super robots were declared non-allied by the Crisis Intervention Accord to stave off an arms race that would escalate the war to frightening levels. Despite this, Ratbat's Ultracons secretly enlisted Scrapper and his Constructicons. The War Within: The Dark Ages

Millions of years later, after a subset of the Transformers war awoke on Earth in 1984, the Constructicons somehow found their way from Cybertron to Earth. They were defeated along with the other Decepticons in 1999, and subsequently buried for years in a shuttle explosion. When they awoke in 2002, the Constructicons combined into Devastator and rampaged San Francisco. Optimus Prime shot them in the head. Prime Directive

Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs the Transformers continuity


Scrapper calls Mindbender on a hockey foul.

The ruthless terrorist organization known as Cobra dug dozens of Autobots and Decepticons out of their four-million-year resting place and began rebuilding them into a Cobra-controlled army. However, with Wheeljack and Bumblebee's help, the mind-controlled Transformers were awakened, and the very cheesed-off Constructicons, including Scrapper, descended upon their previous captor, Dr. Mindbender.

Their surroundings were soon under attack by Autobot and G.I. Joe forces, requiring Scrapper and the other Constructicons to combine into Devastator. Ultimately, Devastator was brutally defeated after Devastator fatally wounded Hound, sending the Autobots' friends into a berserker rage. G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers


Generation 1

  • Scrapper (Constructicon, 1985)
Japanese ID number: 33

  • Constructicon (Constructicon, 1992)
This European-exclusive version of Scrapper was yellow, but with the darker purple from the original toy instead of the lighter Generation 2 shade, a grey canopy, and came with no Devastator parts. This toy was also not officially named, as he came on a card shared by the other Constructicons.

Generation 2

  • Scrapper (Constructicon, 1993)
The complete set of Constructicons were re-released and redecoed as part of the first assortments of Generation 2 product. The first --and seemingly more common-- versions were yellow like the previous European release, but lacked the gray plastics, had brighter purple parts, had the "DECEPTICON" tampographs on each one somewhere, and --most importantly-- came with all the Devastator bits.
A later and seemingly less common run changed the yellow plastics to rich orange. It has been rumored that this release was only available in Kay-Bee stores, but not verified.



His bio says he's a "quiet psycho." Charming!

  • Constructicon Devastator (Wal-Mart exclusive, 2007)
"Decepticon Scrapper" is one of the five toys included in this Wal-Mart exclusive giftset. He's a grey and black redeco of Energon Bonecrusher and Sledge with green and purple trim and translucent purple accessories.


  • Scrapper (Decoy, 1987)


  • It is unknown what relationship, if any, exists between Scrapper and the Universe Micromaster Constructicon Buckethead, who appears to have replaced Scrapper in that incarnation of the Constructicons.

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