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The Solar Needle was a massive structure made by the Decepticons and served as a powerful energy collector.

The Solar Needle had a massive central structure with a sharp domed head, where the main computer was located. Energy receptors located around this base sent energy to numerous spherical towers that surrounded the structure, with each spherical tower sending a stream of energy to another spherical tower. The energy web thus generated could destroy a Transformer that attempted to move through it. The energy receptors were also capable of reflecting energy back at the enemy.

This piece of technology drained the energy from a star, collecting it to be used as energy. While a potent source of power, the process resulted in the destabilization of the star it was being used against causing it to eventually explode. Not really a very smart weapon...


The Transformers cartoon

Megatron built the device deep within the jungle and made use of a circuit from Gears that governed his personality in order to power the device. The Needle captured much of the sun's energy but would have eventually resulted in the destruction of the entire planet had the Autobots not reversed the process. Changing Gears

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