The Sojourner's Passage is a starship in the Beast Era portion of the Generation One continuity family.

As Rodimus Prime took leadership of the Autobots in 2005 after the defeat of Unicron, and promise of a new era of peace loomed large, he commissioned an exploration vessel. This vessel, crewed with scientists of various disciplines, was dubbed the Sojourner's Passage after a famous passage from the Covenant of Primus[1]:

"Cursed curiosity compelled me to stay, to observe the enemy before the machine age. And now this demands my attention! My first responsibility is to those I left behind, yet I sense what unfolds below eclipses even that which cast me away. In the name of my creator, I will re-enter the void. I will seek that light which has fallen from the forges of our history."

Despite advice against these actions from Rodimus Prime's advisors, the Sojourner's Passage was launched to establish deep-space reconnaissance posts. These would serve the greater purpose of scientific discovery and the charting of new territories in the wake of the devastating wars on Cybertron, reclaiming the glory of science for the Transformer race, a discipline thought lost in endless war.


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It didn't go well.



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