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The Society of Ultimate Villainy is a group from the Transformers Animated continuity family.

They see me rollin' / They hatin' / Patrollin' and tryna catch me ridin' dirty

The Society of Ultimate Villainy (abbreviated as SUV) is a group of human supervillains operating in Detroit. Led by the gun moll Slo-Mo, other members include Nanosec, the Angry Archer, and Professor Princess. The team briefly worked with an unseen benefactor who turned out the be the Decepticon Swindle.


Animated cartoon

After acquiring what was later learned to be an AllSpark fragment, Slo-Mo planned to use it for devious ends. However, she recognized that she was an amateur, so Slo-Mo helped Archer, Nanosec, and Princess escape from the Autobots by slowing the heroes down. She proposed a mutual alliance to help one another out and launch a crime spree. Unfortunately, they never planned a getaway ride. Fortunately, one showed up from a mysterious benefactor in the form of a very large SUV, inspiring Nanosec to give the group their final name.

Their new partner gushed about the features of the vehicle (including a large cannon perfect for blasting pursuing police) and offered them a deal: Get him some hardware for a device he had plans for, and they'd sell it to the highest bidder. However, once they acquired the necessary parts, two problems arose: The benefactor demanded Slo-Mo's AllSpark fragment, and he turned out to be the Decepticon Swindle, their getaway car, who had used them to build a Transformer style WMD which shut down all mechanical devices, including Autobots and the SUV's own technology. To make matters worse, he was going to sell it to Megatron. Betrayed, the SUV offered to help Sari Sumdac get Bumblebee to Sumdac Tower to repair him and get revenge. However, the SUV turned the tables immediately after Swindle was defeated. They tried to use the shut-down Swindle as a getaway car, but he was non-functional, and the Society of Ultimate Villainy was arrested by Captain Fanzone. SUV: Society of Ultimate Villainy


  • Before they decided on "SUV", other suggested names for the group were "The Fast and the Villainous" (Nanosec's suggestion), "The League of Extraordinary Criminals" (Archer's), and "Crime Time" (Slo-Mo, natch). Naming the band is always the most important step, after all.
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