"Me Grimlock wonder where these humans are!"

Grimlock discovers what the date means...

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Marvel UK issue #267

Writer: Simon Furman
Art: Jeff Anderson
Letters: Stuart Bartlett

  • Originally published: 21 April 1990. Cover date ("off sale") 28 April 1990.


April 1, 1990. Grimlock is in the middle of a snowstorm, some three hundred and fifty miles to the east of the Earthforce shuttle. He has travelled all this way for a one-on-one fight with Shockwave who has challenged him. Grimlock is frustrated with the location and starts calling out for Shockwave to come and face him.

Nearby the Predacons Razorclaw and Rampage are patrolling. Shockwave has sent them to try and find the Autobot shuttle but personally they feel if the Autobots have landed in the wilderness they are welcome to it.

Meanwhile, at the Autobot shuttle the other four Dinobots still can't believe Grimlock fell for it. Slag created a computer simulation of Shockwave for the challenge to Grimlock, who the others felt needed to lighten up a bit after taking his role as Earthforce commander too seriously.

In the wilderness Grimlock's mood gets even worse when he discovers a snowman of Shockwave and a sign saying "April Fool" signed by the other Dinobots. Razorclaw and Rampage see this and start laughing that Grimlock fell for it. Grimlock's mood finds new depths to sink to and he attacks them.

Later the Dinobots are patrolling outside the shuttle, awaiting Grimlock's return, and start wondering if Grimlock has taken it the right way. But they console themselves that Grimlock has a great sense of humour... whilst Grimlock lifts up the largest snowball of all time...


Items of note

  • The year is given as 1990, another clue to help or hinder attempts to work out where the Earthforce stories fit into continuity.
  • The scene of Grimlock fighting the Predacons has a bar across it saying "Censored".


  • This story was reprinted in the Titan Books trade paperback "Earthforce".
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