Sneak Attack! Dinoking is the second episode of Transformers Victory. It first aired in Japan on March 28, 1989 on Nippon TV.



The Dinoforce attack Wingwaver in space and reveal their ultimate power!


Following the Dinoforce's attack on the Lunar Base on Earth's moon, the human staff of the facility have been evacuated to the Autobots' nearby space station, the Galaxy Base. The humans are eager to return to Earth, and as the Autobots cannot predict when the Decepticons will next appear, Star Saber arranges for the Autobots to escort the humans back to Earth themselves. Dashtacker and Machtackle are concerned that this will mean Wingwaver, still on Planet V, will be left behind, but Star Saber contacts the Multiforce leader and requests that he join them.

Meanwhile, out in space, aboard the Decepticon flagship the Thunder Arrow, Deathsaurus lectures Dinoforce commander Gōryū and new arrival Leozack on the energy of Earth. Leozack is put in charge of arranging the next attack, and plans to take on Star Saber himself while Gōryū and the Dinoforce assault the Galaxy Base. Gōryū rouses the sleeping Dinoforce and they quickly head out, but as they pass by the ruining hulk of the Lunar Base's satellite, they spot Wingwaver racing by on his way to join up with the other Autobots. The Dinoforce immediately ambush Wingwaver, and they battle in and around in the wreckage.

Back at the Galaxy Base, Dashtacker, Machtackle and Jean drop in on the Brainmasters, and observe as Laster finishes his latest invention: the "Flasher," a flare device that temporarily blinds opponents. After getting a taste of the Flasher's power, Dashtacker asks Laster if he can keep it, and the Brainmaster agrees. Just then, the panicked Holi enters, informing the group of Wingwaver's predicament. Dashtacker and Machtackle want to aid their captain, but Star Saber instructs them to stay back and guard the Galaxy Base while the Brainmasters deal with the Decepticons. Laster, Blacker and Braver scramble and arrive at the site of the battle just as things are turning bad for Wingwaver. Begrudgingly, Wingwaver follows Blacker's order to return to the Galaxy Base while the Brainmasters battle the Dinoforce. The Autobot trio quickly gets the upper hand in the battle, at which point the Dinoforce reveal their hidden power by merging into the giant robot, Dinoking!

At the same time, Wingwaver returns to the Galaxy Base, and the Autobots there are observing the battle when they come under attack from the Dinoforce's Pretender shells. The Multiforce, Jean and Holi man the defense lasers and fight back while Star Saber monitors the Brainmasters' battle. As Dinoking steadily overpowers the Autobots, Star Saber decides to go to their aid, but just as he departs, the Dinoforce's shells penetrate the walls of the Galaxy Base. The Multiforce fight back, with Dashtacker putting the Flasher to use, but the Galaxy Base soon becomes a lost cause. The base's central component, the Shuttle Base, detaches from the station and makes for Earth with the human evacuees aboard, while the Galaxy Shuttle itself transforms to robot mode and makes short work of the Dinoforce's shells, blasting them off through space with its jets.

Meanwhile, Star Saber has joined the Brainmasters in battle, and attacks Dinoking with his secondary module, the V-Star (with himself, in his small robot form of "Saber," piloting it). With the Decepticon combiner weakened by the V-Star's power, Saber merges with the V-Star to become Star Saber again, and finishes Dinoking off with his Saber Blade. The Dinoforce are blasted back into their individual selves and flee.

Star Saber soon rejoins the other Autobots in space, and they all board the Galaxy Shuttle and head for Earth to rejoin the Shuttle Base. As they head into Earth's atmosphere, Holi marvels at the planet that is home to his young friend Jean. Jean himself is concerned for his home planet, and what will become of it if the Decepticons attack, but the Autobot assure him that they will fight to keep it safe.


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Transformers references

  • The Dinoforce's attack on the Lunar Base occurred in the first episode.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • From this episode onward, each instalment of Victory begins with a 25-second long segment consisting of a quick series of clips from the episode itself, before the title card.
  • Star Saber's sword cannot forgive evil.[1]


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  1. Or so Star Saber tells us when he attacks Dinoking -- according to the subtitles on the Madman DVD set.

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