"What's in it for me?!" is Snarler's battle cry, and he gives it with gusto. A self-interested opportunist, Snarler will never do anything for anyone unless he gets something in return. Oddly enough, this often translates into being a champion of the Decepticon cause and an adequate soldier, as he knows its better to be protected as a part of the Decepticon army than to be on his own, or worse, an Autobot. Still, Snarler's practical use for Decepticon membership won't stop him from throwing his fellow soldiers into the line-of-fire ahead of him, if that's what it takes to survive.


Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.
Note: Snarler's origin is unclear. Was he a previously unseen Mayhem, held in reserve? An unseen member of Scorponok's forces? A recent arrival from Cybertron? All are equal possibilities, as the story gives no hints either way.

(left) Too busy to step on a human that's 5 inches away?

In the wake of the Time Wars, Snarler and Carnivac were hired to make an assassination attempt on Fortress Maximus's human-self Spike Witwicky for Scorponok, receiving their new Pretender shells in return. Their efforts ultimately failed when Spike reconnected with Fortress Maximus and drove them off. The Man in the Machine!

Shortly afterward, Carnivac and his other partner Catilla reunited with their former allies from the Time Wars, the surviving Autobot Wreckers. Carnivac stated that they had been cut off from Cybertron, effectively abandoned on Earth without resources by their superiors back home. Carnivac had formed a warrior's bond with the Wreckers' leader Springer during the Time Wars, and owed him a debt of honor. Because of this, he proposed a sharing of resources with the remaining Wreckers, who had similarly been abandoned on Earth by their Cybertronian leaders.

Heavily armed, just in case somebody actually fell for the gargantuan warthog disguise.

Snarler was violently opposed to this, and declared Carnivac a traitor for even considering such an idea. Once the Wreckers went off to rescue a fellow Autobot and got themselves in hot water, Springer radioed Carnivac for assistance. Snarler offered Carnivac a chance to redeem himself by just letting the Autobots die, but instead Carnivac and Catilla left and actively saved the Wreckers from death, forming a new group with them known as the Survivors. Survivors!

Furious, Snarler eventually made his way back to Cybertron and reported the situation to High Command. They gave him leave to form a new Mayhem Attack Squad to act as executioners for the two traitors. Gathering his team, Snarler prepped Spinister, Needlenose, Bludgeon, Stranglehold and Octopunch for battle in a hard-light holographic arena. After the new field leader, Spinister, declared they were ready for action, Snarler and the Mayhems returned to Earth to hunt the traitors. Hunting Party! In their first encounter, Catilla was successfully executed by Bludgeon, and Snarler and the Mayhems retreated before the rest of the Survivors could enact their revenge. A Savage Place!


Note: These stories do not fit into the normal Marvel continuity. See Earthforce for details.

After Catilla's death, the Mayhem Attack Squad retreated to an island base, fortifying themselves for Carnivac's inevitable attempt at revenge. Carnivac managed to avoid their defenses, though, and executed Needlenose without anyone being the wiser. He raised a ruckus when attacking Bludgeon, though, and Snarler arrived with the other Mayhems to chase him through the base. Spinister destroyed Carnivac's wolfen shell with a single blast, leading the Mayhems to believe their mission was finished. Wolf in the Fold! As they dispersed, Snarler stayed behind to gloat over Carnivac's body. He caught on too late to the fact that the shell was empty, though, and was crushed dead by a massive weight dropped onto him from above by the true Carnivac. Where Wolf?

Dreamwave comics continuity

Snarler and Carnivac worked for Starscream and his Predacons. They attempted to disrupt the peace treaty between several of the other factions, but wound up biting off more than they could chew when the united Autobot, Ultracon, and Decepticon forces turned against them.


Generation One

First one to say "Hakuna Matata" gets knifed.

  • Snarler (Pretender Beast, 1988)
Accessories: "Programmable explosive shell rotary cannon," two shoulder pads
Snarler transforms into a robotic boar with a drill instead of a snout and two smaller drills as his tusks. His bestial outer Pretender Shell is modeled after a more realistic and organic wild boar with robotic armor attachments. His rotary cannon can be attached in any mode.


Some of these frames are uncomfortable.

  • Snarler's character model (shown here on left) bears little resemblance to his actual toy and seems to transform entirely differently. While the toy's beast head is positioned over the robot's back, the character model shows the beast head folding down to become the robot's chest. The characteristic spikes on the shoulders are also missing on the toy. The origin of the character model's design is unknown.
  • Animated footage of Snarler appeared in a commercial for the Pretender Beasts. As Snarler and Catilla's robotic beast forms battle, Snarler tackles Catilla and transforms into robot mode while pinning him down. Later, their shells battle. This commercial offers a second glimpse at Snarler's presumptive character model, since his robot head matches the character model copied by Jose Delbo in "The Man in the Machine!."

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