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Snarl is an Autobot from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy.
CYB snarl boxart

My, what big teeth I have—on my hand!

Snarl is a Jungle Planet native, loyal to wise old warrior Backstop, his combat teacher.

Japanese name: Fangwolf
Hungarian name: Agyar ("Fang")


Animated continuity


Voice actor: Scott McNeil (US), Yuuto Kazama (Japan)


Down!! DOWN, DOWN, DOG!!

Snarl and Undermine were bodyguards of Scourge, both of them defending the dragon dictator's temple from aggressors. Their greatest test came when two alien Transformers, known as Megatron and Starscream, arrived on Jungle Planet and demanded entrance to the temple. When the strangers pushed their way past the protesting guards, Undermine attacked from behind, but was quickly subdued by Megatron. As Snarl also transformed to begin his attack, Scourge ordered a cease of hostilities in order to speak with Megatron like civilized beings.

Snarl did not trust Megatron's supposedly noble motives in his search for the Cyber Planet Keys and left the temple to seek out his old master, Backstop. He discovered that his master had rescued an alien named Overhaul, who told a very different story about Megatron's quest for the Cyber Keys. This story prompted Snarl to help this "Autobot" seek an audience with Scourge.

Snarl is a very moody loner and can live up to most of the threats that he chooses to give out, and he can be thought rude and unhelpful. Some guess that he enjoys getting moody and lashing out, just to make others jumpy and to see their reactions.



  • Snarl (Deluxe, 2005)
Japanese ID number: GC-14
CybertronSnarl toy

I smell like I sound, I'm lost and found.

Snarl transforms into a techno-organic wolf. His articulated tail features a spring-loaded missile launcher that can fire a transparent yellow projectile. Inserting his Cyber Planet Key causes his lower jaw to open and a pair of transparent yellow fangs to extend from his upper mouth. Unlike other Cyber Key gimmicks, this feature does not automatically secure itself into position, so as to allow the user to open his mouth repeatedly with the Cyber Key. However, his mouth can be locked into the open position by rotating down the two pieces of blue 'fur' on his cheeks.
In robot mode, Snarl is almost his beast mode inverted, as his robot legs are the beast hind legs rotated, and the torso and arms are the beast torso split and flipped. He is armed with his tail, which has an articulated handle that allows it to be held as either a projectile weapon or a sword. He retains his Cyber Key feature in this mode. He comes with a silver-bordered Jungle Planet type Cyber Key; the Hasbro release has the Key Code "d43j" stamped on its back.
This mold was also used for Fangwolf Black Version (see below) and BotCon 2007 Weirdwolf.
  • Fangwolf Black Version (Deluxe, 2005)
Japanese ID number: GC-14

Dark in the city...

This "Black Version" of Fangwolf was released under the Toys Dream Project exclusive label in Japan, limited to 6,000 pieces. He is a redeco replacing all of the regular Fangwolf's colors with black and grey with predominantly silver highlights.

Exciting, huh? He didn't even get his own packaging, just the normal Galaxy Force Fangwolf box with a "Black Version" sticker slapped on the window.


  • Snarl's robot mode sculpt appears to be inspired by the Beast Wars Fuzor Silverbolt, with both bodies sharing similar details.
  • Snarl and Silverbolt also share their English voice actors! Speaking of, according to Scott McNeil at BotCon 2006, had he known up front that Snarl was going to be the character he'd be voicing for the majority of the Cybertron run, he'd have given him a more interesting voice than "just a Dinobot variation".

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