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Snarl is a member of a small group of Autobots called the Lightning Strike Coalition.

Russian name (game): Рык (Rik, "Roar")


IDW comics continuity

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Fall of Cybertron

Snarl was a member of a team called the Lightning Strike Coalition which consisted of Swoop, Slug, Sludge, and the leader, Grimlock. At some point, Grimlock learned of a large lake of raw energon in the Rust Sea and went to investigate with his team. Unfortunately, the Decepticons had already found the lake and one Decepticon in particular had set up shop around the lake.

As Snarl and the rest of his team entered the rust sea, they inadvertently triggered the Decepticon's security measures and Shockwave sent his top lieutenants to deal with them. This led to the entire team, except Sludge who was killed, to be captured and carted off to be used in Shockwave's experiments. Snarl was then taken to intensive surgery.

Snarl's altmode after he was reformatted

Eventually, Grimlock was able to break free of his restraints and went on a rampage through Shockwave's lab in order to find the rest of his team. He was able to rescue Swoop and rendezvous with Slug before he went to free snarl. When Grimlock reached Snarl he was being held behind an energy barrier by Sharpshot. Sharpshot then sent his Insecticon minions on Grimlock while Slug attempted to break through the barrier. After stomping, burning, and chomping all of the Insecticons, Sharpshot decided to kill Snarl by electrocution. However, Grimlock was able to destroy all of Sharpshot's electrical generators and kill Sharpshot.

Due to the injuries that Snarl received from Sharpshot, Grimlock and his team sought refuge in a nearby lab where Swoop was able to find some energon to heal Snarl's wounds. They soon found out that the lab was actually an observation post to observe the Shockwave's Space bridge experiments. When the space bridge activated, Grimlock ordered his team to evacuate while he dealt with Shockwave. All but Slug helped Snarl escape while Swoop went to help Grimlock.

As he is not seen on the Ark afterward, his fate after Grimlock overloaded and destroyed the space bridge is unknown.

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