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Snarl in Stegosaurus Mode

Snarl is an Autobot and a member of the Lightning Strike Coalition Force and now the Dinobots during the Great War, as their analyst. He turns into a Stegosaurus.


Beast Hunters Comics

Snarl and the rest of the Lightning Strike Coalition were Autobots under the command of Optimus Prime, although they visibly chafed under his cautious and conservative approach to warfare. Although ordered to return to base, when leader Grimlock discovered that Swoop was in Decepticon custody, Grimlock ignored Optimus Prime's orders and broke rank to hijack a dropship. Good Intentions The group managed to track Swoop's signal to the Sea of Rust, where they prepared to attack Shockwave's tower. Secrets As they approached it, Snarl asked Grimlock what his plan was. Grimlock at first suggested a stealthy infiltration by night to the incredulous Snarl, before revealing that he was only joking. The Lightning Strike Coalition instead stormed the base head-on, only to find it contained a multitude of Insecticon warriors. They nonetheless managed to muscle their way to Swoop, and released him from a harness he was being held in. Then Shockwave appeared in person, backed up by innumerable more Insecticons. These enemy reinforcements overwhelmed the Lightning Strike Coalition. Siege Mentality The unconscious Snarl and his teammates were then carried away by the swarm so they could be experimented upon. Last Stand All five members of the Coalition were strung up, painfully vivisected, and altered. By giving them new alternate modes, based on alien creatures he had observed through a window in space-time, Shockwave hoped to turn Snarl and the others into mindless killing machines for the Decepticons to exploit. Fragmentation

Following Shockwave's experiments, the Lightning Strike Coalition managed to escape from the Decepticon's control, and renamed themselves "Dinobots," after their new monstrous alternate modes.

Snarl helped the last convoy of ships led by Impactor manage to escape Cybertron's atmosphere. While his fellow Dinobots covered his back, Snarl used an anti-aircraft cannon to shoot down all of the Decepticon crafts pursuing the ships. As their mission neared its end, Ultra Magnus ordered the Dinobots to get to their own craft, but another squadron of Decepticons drew Swoop into taking them out himself. When Magnus tried to fend them off, he was shot down. Grimlock convinced the other Dinobots to attempt a rescue for Magnus. A Predacon, however, managed to get there first and capture Magnus. Swoop was downed and captured while battling against the Predacon, though Snarl and the rest of the team were unable to pursue immediately, as they had to contend with Grimlock slipping into a berserker rage first. Rage of the Dinobots #1

Once his leader had returned to his senses, Snarl worked to reactivate the main computer of Ultra Magnus's ship. After he had finally gotten the computer up and running, he used it to track Swoop's transmitter to an abandoned base of Shockwave's in the Sea of Rust.

Following the transmitter, the Dinobots found the prison atop a lone mountain. Once at the top, they took out the guards and Snarl was able to steal a module from one of them. The module provided access codes and a map to the facility. Snarl tapped into the prison systems to open every cell, engineering a mass jail-break. After the Dinobots met up with Magnus and fought their way to the prison's roof, they came to meet Ser-Ket, Shockwave's lieutenant. They demanded that Ser-Ket hand over Swoop, only for her to reveal that Swoop had already been re-forged into a Predacon. Rage of the Dinobots #2

Desperate to win back Swoop's freedom, Grimlock challenged Ser-Ket to a one-on-one fight, waging himself and the rest of the Dinobots against the freedom of their wayward teammate. Ser-Ket agreed to his challenge, and Snarl created a fire-ring for them to duel in with the help of the other remaining Dinobots. Grimlock ultimately arose victorious by using his Tyrannosaurus mode's primal rage, and even managed to restore Swoop to his senses with some percussive maintenance. The Dinobots then readied themselves to take their leave, only for Ser-Ket to ambush Grimlock while his back was turned, and carry him up into the skies. Though Snarl, Sludge, and Slug tried to shoot her down, it was Swoop who rescued the Dinobot Commander by taking to the air himself. Ser-Ket was brought down, and Snarl watched on as Grimlock skewered her head, deactivating her permanently. Though the ordeal seemed at an end, the Dinobots were then approached by Shockwave. Rage of the Dinobots #3

Though the Dinobots and Ultra Magnus unleashed all of the firepower at their disposal against the new arrival, Shockwave managed to take them all out by strategic use of a force-field and an EMP. While Snarl and the others were put under guard in a force-field-enclosed cell, Grimlock was brought to Shockwave's operating theater to be stripped of his sentience once and for all. Snarl unleashed laser-blasts on the field holding him captive, only for Sludge to tell him that his efforts were futile. The DInobots instead escaped by using trickery; Slug and Ultra Magnus staged a fight between themselves, seemingly threatening the continued existence of Shockwave's future test-subjects. In response, the guards lowered their cell's force-field to calm them down, and the Dinobots immediately turned on the Decepticons. The Dinobots bashed their way into Shockwave's lab, and together they tore Shockwave to shreds. Unfortunately, this turned out to merely be an avatar of the real Shockwave, as the Dinobots learned while releasing Grimlock's restraints. Afterwards, the Dinobots saw Ultra Magnus off-planet, telling him they planned to stay behind so as to continue helping whatever Cybertronians still lingered on the dying planet, as well as continue their hunt for Shockwave. Rage of the Dinobots #4

As the Dinobots managed to find more and more survivors on their dying world, Grimlock was thrust into the role of king, and was left with the burden of hearing out the survivors' many petitions and grievances. As one of these sessions drew to a close, Snarl took Sludge aside and informed him that Grimlock wouldn't be seeing anyone for a while, lest he snap and go mad from the burden of leadership. Despite this conversation, Sludge later returned with Firestar in tow, asking for aid on behalf of Last Spark. Upon hearing that the settlement which had previously renounced the Dinobots now begged for their help, Grimlock flew into a rage and threw Firestar out of his throne room. Sludge insisted that Grimlock needed to look beyond old grudges now that their race faced extinction, and left with Firestar. Before they got too far, Snarl joined the pair, insisting that he needed to ensure Sludge returned intact from Last Spark, for Grimlock's sake if nothing else.

En route, Firestar revealed to the two Dinobots that she hadn't received permission to ask for their aid, but had instead acted of her own accord; Firestar's people were being slaughtered by an mysterious entity, and she viewed the Dinobots as the only means to putting an end to the carnage. Sure enough, Airwave, leader of Last Spark, was none-too-pleased about the Dinobots' presence in his settlement. Despite seeing them as little more than monsters, Airwave was talked into allowing the Dinobots to stay and help. Firestar then showed Sludge and Snarl the remains of the slaughtered. Looking over the bodies' injuries, the Dinobots speculated that Kickback might be involved. They scoped out the Insecticon's lair, and had their suspicions confirmed when Kickback and his allies began to swarm down onto them. Beast Hunters #1 A brutal battle ensued. Both of the Dinobots had trouble keeping up with Kickback's incredible speed, but Sludge eventually managed to grab hold of their opponent by allowing himself to be stabbed. While in his grasp, Sludge questioned Kickback on his motives for attacking Last Spark, only to find that the Insecticons weren't the ones responsible for the murders. After Snarl patched up Sludge from his battle-wounds, the pair headed back to Last Spark. Confident he had puzzled out who was truly behind the murders, Snarl asked to see the dead within Last Spark's crypt. Firestar begrudgingly complied. Confirming his suspicions, Snarl found that many bodies had been drained of their energon before the murders had allegedly begun. Airwave soon revealed himself to be guilty of the crimes, and attacked Firestar and the Dinobots before fleeing and turning the rest of the town onto Snarl and Sludge. Firestar wound up slaying Airwave herself, and cleared the Dinobots' name in the process. The Dinobots returned home, though Snarl let Sludge confront Grimlock on his own for disobeying orders upon their return. Beast Hunters #2

All of the Dinobots later returned to Last Spark to help the settlement recover from their ordeal, taking up residence there themselves. The locals still did not entirely trust the Dinobots, and though this irritated Snarl, Sludge told him not to dwell on it. Beast Hunters #3 Grimlock and Swoop went out on patrol, leading to Slug worrying when they didn't return on-schedule. Snarl was confident that Grimlock could handle whatever he encountered, but Sludge echoed Slug's sentiment. A young Autobot named Zoom joined in the discussion, volunteering to help the Dinobots, only for his heroes to turn him down; they told the impressionable 'bot that he didn't have what it took to make it in their line of work. Last Spark then came under attack from a group of organic dinosaurs, accidentally released by the away-team while exploring one of Shockwave's abandoned labs. Snarl transformed to beast mode to battle his doppelgänger, but found that the creature was stronger than it first appeared. He nonetheless insisted on taking on his double himself, only for it to self-destruct mid-battle. Snarl, Sludge, and Slug then met up with Grimlock and Swoop, who explained that the creatures had been created from the same template that Shockwave used for the Dinobots' alternate modes. Beast Hunters #4

While the other Dinobots were away on various missions, Snarl was left to deal with Grimlock's political dealings. However, he proved little more even-tempered than Grimlock did in his role. As he was listening to a petition from Scrounge, a planet-wide quake rocked Cybertron. Many were left crushed by fallen debris, including the unfortunate Scrounge. Rallying the six operation able 'bots still with him, Snarl helped them clear debris in order to get out into the open. Once outside though, they found nothing but more destruction waiting for them; the whole settlement was in ruins. Beast Hunters #5 Deciding that it was no longer safe to remain underground, Snarl assembled all who remained in town and ordered an exodus to the surface. Though he was met with resistance over his decision, Snarl was able to convince the dissenters to evacuate with a few threats and blaster shots. When the group eventually made it to the surface, they found rivers of energon flowing freely. Beast Hunters #6

Snarl's group met up with Grimlock, Swoop, Chromia, and the survivors of New Kalis. While everyone was arguing over what to do next, Swoop picked up an Autobot signal coming from Kaon city. Slug then also found his way to the group, but before everyone could get caught up, an army of Forged came charging towards them, guns ablaze. The Dinobots charged back, only for the battle to be interrupted by a Predacon bursting forth from the underground. The beast was sent fleeing when Sludge finally joined the battle, bringing reinforcements along with him: Arcee, Bumblebee, and Bulkhead! Beast Hunters #7

The Autobots headed for Kaon together, battling their way through the Forged army. But once the Decepticons had been dealt with, the Predacon resurfaced. The Autobots split into groups to head to Kaon, with Snarl, Sludge, and Bumblebee leading one group of survivors. Swoop drew off the Predacon when it attacked, allowing Snarl and the other to reach Kaon. There, Grimlock announced that Dinobots wouldn't be able to help with Kaon, as they would be building a new city for the survivors: New Spark

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Snarl and the rest of the Lightning Strike Coalition deserted their post defending the Ark when they detected strange energy readings in the Sea of Rust. The energy readings were caused by Shockwave's space bridge experiments at the energon lake, and when they arrived, they came under attack by Insecticons and were overwhelmed. Shockwave took the time to experiment on them, giving them primitive dinosaur forms. When the rest of the team found Snarl, he had been trapped behind a force field and repeatedly electroshocked by Sharpshot until Grimlock freed him. The team took the injured Snarl to an observation deck where they found notes on Shockwave's experiments on them and adopted the name "Dinobots".

Though Optimus Prime ordered them back to base, Grimlock insisted on attacking Shockwave's tower himself, and Snarl, Slug and Swoop later watched from afar as the tower was destroyed by his hand.


  • Snarl and the rest of the Dinobots (excluding Sludge) can be downloaded from the "Dinobot Destructor" pack.