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Everyone knows the tortoise beat the hare, but had that tortoise been Snapper, he'd have beat the hare into a bloody pulp and hid the remains at the bottom of a swamp. A jet-propelled snapping turtle with a vicious attitude, Snapper is proof that not all turtles are slowpokes. But unlike another jet-powered warrior turtle, Snapper is anything but a friend to children everywhere.

And no, his name's not slash, he doesn't wear cool armor he doesn't come from dimension X, he isn't first stupid-then smart-now stupid, and he doesn't like palm trees, or 'binkies'

French name (Canada): Morsure ("Bite")
Italian name: Snap
Spanish name: Tortugon


IDW Beast Wars comics

Magmatron came to prehistoric Earth to gather an army using the Axalon's protoforms. Snapper was among the protoforms to be successfully turned into Predacons. Magmatron ordered his forces to seek out the double-agent Razorbeast and his crew of Maximals. Within a few days, the Predacons had located the Maximal headquarters, and battle ensued. During that battle, Snapper tangled with K-9. The Maximals won that fight, and Snapper and the surviving Predacons retreated into the wilderness. The Gathering

Grimlock later used him as a foot rest in Ascending


Beast Wars

  • Snapper (Basic, 1996)
Acessories: Gun
Snapper transforms into a green organic snapping turtle.

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