What Blot does through carelessness, Snapdragon does with deliberation. He loves nothing more than bathing in putrid grease pits or, if those aren't available, the running fuel from his victims' corpses. His bouts of animalistic fury and sheer love of destruction would make him an excellent warrior if not for the fact that he's also as lazy as the Empties in Dead End. His personal quarters are littered with alarm clocks shot to fragments by laser fire because Snapdragon just wasn't motivated to kill and maim that morning. His fellow Decepticons know they risk suffering a similar fate if they try to wake him. But often risk it in the hopes of channeling Snapdragon's rage towards the Autobots. Woe to the Autobot warrior who faces Snapdragon without his beauty rest. However, his lazy and appalling personal habits make him unwelcome among his fellow Decepticons, except for the equally thuggish Apeface.

He is binary bonded with Krunk, who only adds to his thuggish personality.

French name (Canada): Vildragon
Italian name: Tifon
Latin American name: Zedda


American cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Dan Gilvezan

"You smell, Snapdragon".
"And you're annoying, Apeface."
"Good point. Let's be friends."

Snapdragon was one of the newly recruited Decepticon animals who attacked Autobot City as a diversion, so that the Clones could steal the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber. After a quick game of "kick the can" with Freeway, Snapdragon retreated and joined Scourge's unit in journeying to the Chamber, and then tracking the Autobots who recovered the Key to Nebulos. While there, he mauled Daniel Witwicky, unfortunately giving rise to the Autobot Headmasters. The Rebirth, Part 1 When his leaders made a deal with the Hive, Snapdragon gave up his head (well, one of them — see note below) to be binary-bonded to the Nebulan known as Krunk. The Rebirth, Part 2

Note: One of the many confusing glitches in Rebirth is the fact that, while Krunk is clearly designed to transform into both the robot and dragon heads, Snapdragon retains his dragon mode head even when Krunk is separated from him.

Japanese cartoon continuity

Headmasters cartoon

Voice actor: Kazuo Oka

Headmasters manga

Marvel Comics continuity


Snapdragon doesn't care for your Nightbeat love.

Snapdragon was a Triple-Changer working for Scorponok on Cybertron when their chief opponents, Fortress Maximus and his band, suddenly vanished off the face of the planet. Ring of Hate They eventually found their enemies when Lord Zarak of Nebulos sent a subspace comm message to Cybertron, asking for help in ridding his world of the Autobots. Snapdragon and the others arrived on Nebulos, ready to destroy their enemies and plunder the planet for resources, taking Zarak and his band of followers prisoner in the process. Broken Glass After Fortress Maximus and his fellow warriors drove off Scorponok's crew with their new Headmaster powers, Scorponok arranged a deal with Zarak to binary bond his warriors with the captive Nebulans. Snapdragon was binary-bonded to Zarak's personal bodyguard Krunk. Love and Steel

Snapdragon served under Scorponok during his command on Earth. Trial by Fire When he was transported to Cybertron along with almost every other Transformer, he managed to survive the epic battle against Unicron and went on to serve under Bludgeon. The Last Autobot

He took part in Bludgeon's successful ambush of the Autobots on Klo, only to soon after have his head blown off by Blaster, in a counter-attack led by the newly-resurrected Optimus Prime. End of the Road!


Generation One

  • Snapdragon with Krunk (1987)
Japanese ID number: D-100

Snapdragon transforms into a fighter jet with a really long front section, similar to an SR-71 Blackbird, and also a 'reptile mode', which resembles more of a generic large theropod dinosaur than a dragon. His jet mode has two detachable fins, while his reptile mode can have his two guns mounted on its back. His Headmaster partner, Krunk, is both his robot mode head and his reptile mode head (which is simply the robot mode head flipped on its back).


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