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Snake Bomb is a Beastformer from the Headmasters portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Yeah, I sssure do like tasssting METAL all the time. Thanksss, jerk.

Snake Bomb is one of the Decepticon-allied Beastformers attempting a brutal takeover of the planet Beest, serving in Alligatoron's army as a reconnaissance soldier. He was born in Baraki City and was Emperor of Baraki under King Drillfrog at some point, but where this fits in relative to his time as an army scout is unknown.

Sometimes there are lots of him.

English name: Triple Threat Snake


Headmasters cartoonEdit

Voice actor: Ryōichi Tanaka

Onccce a maaannnnn...

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Great Decisive Battle of Planet Beest mangaEdit

Hordes of Snake Bombs, backed by the Predacons and Sharkticons, enforced the will of Alligatoron. But with the interference of the Autobots, the Snake Bombs were driven back.



  • Snake Bomb (Beastformer, 1987)

    You can't keep me in here! I have to fight He-Man!

    • Beast ID number: 6
    • Accessories: "Bomb Saberer" halberd
Snake Bomb is an anthropomorphic snake (with other snakes for arms) with blue robotic armor. He came with his "Bomb Saberer" weapon. His rubsign reveals one of three symbols; Fire, Water or Wood.


  • It is believed that Snake Bomb was one of the all-white gumball machine Beastformers released, but no samples have been found so far.

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