Snake-Eyes is a human member of G.I. Joe in the Generation One continuity family.

"Your fans are bitching about your live-action mouth too?"
"I hear you, brother."

Snake-Eyes is a ninja. As such, he has been known to flip out and kill people. He is also a mammal. It is rumored he plays guitar in his free time. He doesn't talk much and it's not clear what his face looks like under his mask, but at least one woman thinks he's pretty darn cool.

Statistically, all ninjas are turtles.


Marvel Comics continuity

He is the center of the universe. Seriously, the entire G.I. Joe continuity revolves around him and how awesome he is. Cobra Commander became evil because of Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow became evil because of Snake Eyes. Baroness became evil because of Snake Eyes. Firefly and Zartan used to train with the same ninjas Snake Eyes trained with. If somebody went back in time and just shot him, there probably wouldn't even be a Cobra. That's how awesome he is. His existence requires an entire terrorist organization to balance out.

However, he has very little interaction with Transformers (while COBRA re-made Megatron as a tank, Snake-Eyes was busy fighting Night Creeper Leader).

Dreamwave continuity

Transformers/G.I. Joe

He enlisted with G.I. Joe.

At the Fera Islands he encountered his sword brother Stormshadow, who had long since abandoned the Arashikage ninja clan to dishonorably join Cobra. Their rivalry was heightened by Stormshadow's damaging Snake-Eyes's face - and Snake-Eyes had to damage his own face more by using flame to cauterize the wound.

Stormshadow led Snake-Eyes on a chase around the area - which included a battle against Ravage. Snake-Eyes defeated the robot cat. Eventually Snake-Eyes and Stormshadow drove each other over the edge of a cliff and into the water below. Luckily, Snake-Eyes was not eaten by the shark that consumed his nemesis.

After brooding a tiny bit more, Snake-Eyes rendezvoused with Scarlett. Together, the two infiltrated Cobra's Terrordrome. On orders from Optimus Prime, Snake-Eyes destroyed The Matrix - killing all Transformers and preventing their war from spreading over the earth.

Divided Front

Over a decade later, he's still doing the ninja thing.
Much like Destro, it's entirely possible the Snake-Eyes in this story was not the ninja we know and love, but perhaps somebody else was under the mask acting in the same role.

Devil's Due continuity

Transformers vs. G.I. Joe

Originally, Snake-Eyes enjoyed a reputation among his military comrades for being incredibly talkative; however, due to injuries he sustained when Cobra attacked Washington, D.C. using mind-controlled Decepticons as war machines, he lost his ability to speak and his face was severely disfigured. He subsequently became a founding member of the G.I. Joe team.

He cut Starscream in the eye and shoved in a grenade.

As a way of thanking him and G.I.Joe for his efforts, the Autobots gave him a giant robot of his own to pilot.

The Art Of War

He and Scarlett were using their giant robots to play one last game of tag before the Autobots arrived to decommission them as part of a project to remove all Cybertronian technology from Earth, when Cobra Commander suddenly attacked G.I. Joe's base using his own army of giant robots. Luckily the Autobots arrived to assist in defending the base.

Snake-Eyes was part of the group that followed Serpent O.R. to Cybertron and was quickly captured. In captivity, he and Scarlett had a tender moment where he revealed his heavily damaged faced to her.

Later, he escaped confinement by using an Arashikage ninja technique to hypnotize his guard (Breakdown) into shooting the other prison guard (Nautilator). Once he and the other captured Joes were free, they met with the rest of the assembled G.I. Joe/Autobot army to fight off Serpent O.R.'s new Decepticon Army. Snake-Eyes helped by stabbing Overkill through the eyes to save Hawk.

Later, after the battle had been won, he relaxed and continued his game of tag with Scarlett.

Black Horizon

He's still alive. But not as cool as Joseph Colton. Black Horizon


  • Snake-Eyes & Optimus Prime Statue
At the 2006 UK Toy Fair, First4Figures revealed a statue of Snake-Eyes and Optimus Prime based on the way Prime appeared in G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers. As of Fall 2007, this statue has not been released.

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