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Smokescreen is a young Autobot recruit who was trained by the Elite guard who wanted nothing but to be a soldier. It would be his unfortunates to be a bodyguard to Alpha Trion in the Iacon hall of records during the final days of the war for Cybertron. However these days he is on Earth trying to prove himself a worthy warrior to Optimus Prime under his personal team.


Prime cartoon

Voice Actor: Nolan North (English)

Back on Cybertron, during the final days of the war, Smokescreen was a security guard at the Iacon Hall of Records where he was the bodyguard of Alpha Trion. One day, the Hall was attacked by the Decepticons, and he was the only one who could anything to stop them. However, he was quickly overwhelmed and taken prisoner aboard a Decepticon transport ship. Once he woke up; he took off in an escape pod; going into stasis in the process. Megatron's Warship picked up the pod's beacon and brought it to Earth. Soon, Team Prime arrived on the scene where they were ambushed by and army of Vechicons and Insecticons. Smokescreen then appeared out of nowhere and accidentally ignited a fuel line to the pod; blowing up the area. Optimus was very impressed by Smokescreen's valor, and offered him to bring him back to base. Once there, Jack gave him a tour of the base, showing him the Iacon Relics the team had gathered so far as well as Airachnid in her stasis pod. Following that, Jack accompanied him while looking for a vehicle-mode. Meanwhile, a still weak Bulkhead thought that Smokescreen was going to replace him. Eventually, Optimus, Arcee, and Bumblebee got over-powered by an Apex-armored Starscream while trying to obtain Red Energon; this gave Smokescreen the chance to prove himself. He arrived with the Phase Shifter and knocked Starscream out of the armor. Team Prime lost the Red Energon, but obtained the Apex armor. An impressed Optimus then offered Smokescreen a spot on Team Prime, which Smokescreen almost immediately accepted. New Recruit

Bulkhead was highly offended when Smokescreen offered him the Apex Armor was a replacement for his wounded leg. Smokescreen was present when Agent Fowler gave a briefing to the Autobots about Breakdown breaking into a base with someone behind the wheel, and that the stolen device was a satellite with the power to shoot lasers to any location on Earth. Smokescreen was sent with Optimus, Bumblebee and Arcee to stop the Decepticons from stealing the code. However Smokescreen found himself dodging laser blast. Upon hearing of Bulkhead in trouble, Smokescreen was sent in to help him fight Breakdown (who was actually controled by Silas. They defeated him swiftly together. The Human Factor


  • Smokescreen's vehicle mode seems to resemble a racing Ferrari 458 Italia.
  • While almost every other character in the series has had an Earth vehicle mode look to them before they scan a vehicle, Smokescreen is the first to have his paint job change when this occurs.
  • Smokescreen is the first Elite Guard member in the series.
    • But strangely, when he takes his vehicle mode, the symbol vanishes



  • Smokescreen (Deluxe, 2012)
    • ID number: AM-26
    • Accessories: Arms Micron
Smokescreen is a redeco (possibly retooling) of Knock Out and exclusive to the TakaraTomy Prime toyline.


This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available.

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