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The name or term Smokescreen refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Smokescreen (disambiguation).

Smokescreen is a young Autobot recruit who was trained by the Elite guard who wanted nothing more than to be a soldier. However, he was given the assignment of bodyguard to Alpha Trion in the Iacon Hall of Records during the final days of the war for Cybertron.

However he has recently ended up on Earth and is trying to prove himself a worthy warrior to Optimus Prime under his personal team.


Prime cartoon

Voice Actor: Nolan North (English)

Back on Cybertron, during the final days of the war, Smokescreen was a security guard at the Iacon Hall of Records where he served as the bodyguard of Alpha Trion. Initially, he wasn't enthusiastic to be stuck on guard duty, but Alpha Trion became a mentor and close friend to the eager young bot, eventually trusting him with the knowledge of having petitioned Halogen and the High Council to make Orion Pax a Prime. One day, the Hall was attacked by the Decepticons, and he was the only one who could do anything to stop them. However, he was quickly overwhelmed and taken prisoner aboard a Decepticon transport ship. He woke up on-board the transport and took off in an escape pod, going into stasis in the process.

Years later, Megatron's Warship picked up the pod's beacon and brought it to Earth. Soon, Team Prime arrived on the scene where they were ambushed by and army of Vechicons and Insecticons. Smokescreen then appeared out of nowhere and accidentally ignited a fuel line to the pod, blowing up the area. Optimus was very impressed by Smokescreen's valor, and offered him to bring him back to base. However everyone was skeptical as to whether or not he could be trusted, fearing he may be another Decepticon impostor. However, Optimus was convinced of his sincerity when Smokescreen mentioned Alpha Trion's part in making Optimus a Prime. His reasoning was that if his former mentor shared this information, it meant that he saw Smokescreen as a trusted ally. Once there, Jack gave him a tour of the base, showing him the Iacon Relics the team had gathered so far as well as Airachnid in her stasis pod. Later Smokescreen volunteered to go on a mission to retrieve a chunk of Red Energon but was told to obtain an Earth based vehicle mode. Jack accompanied him while looking for said vehicle-mode.

Meanwhile, a still weak Bulkhead thought that Smokescreen was going to replace him. Eventually, Optimus, Arcee, and Bumblebee got over-powered by an Apex-armored Starscream while trying to obtain Red Energon; this gave Smokescreen the chance to prove himself. He arrived with the Phase Shifter and knocked Starscream out of the armor. Team Prime retrieved the Red Energon (minus a chunk Starscream ripped off the main pile) and obtained the Apex armor. An impressed Optimus then offered Smokescreen a spot on Team Prime, which Smokescreen almost immediately accepted. New Recruit

Bulkhead was highly offended when Smokescreen offered him the Apex Armor was a replacement for his wounded leg. Smokescreen was present when Agent Fowler gave a briefing to the Autobots about Breakdown breaking into a base with someone behind the wheel, and that the stolen device was a satellite with the power to shoot lasers to any location on Earth. Smokescreen was sent with Optimus, Bumblebee and Arcee to stop the Decepticons from stealing the code. However Smokescreen found himself dodging laser blast. Upon hearing of Bulkhead in trouble, Smokescreen was sent in to help him fight Breakdown (who was actually controlled by Silas. They defeated him swiftly together, Smokescreen then told Bulkhead that he had studied all of Wreckers' battles which gave the Wrecker more faith in him and starting a new friendship. The Human Factor

Smokescreen broke his cover after he transformed in front of a road raged driver (after nearing crashing into him). Bumblebee also transformed to stop the two from coming to blows but Smokescreen and Bumblebee were caught in a photo and posted on the internet. At base Smokescreen got a yelling at by Ratchet and Arcee, Optimus stated that Smokescreen needed to learn more about human life and its rules so he partnered Jack up with Smoke and the two headed out. Jack taught Smokescreen about the road rules, when Vince threw a burger at the car realizing that Jack was in the car. Smokescreen and Jack returned the favor by throwing a whole bunch of burgers on his car and his bosses car. When they got back to base, Smokescreen Jack went into the field to obtain the Star Saber. However Jack ended up running from Insecticons and Smokescreen was captured. However Smoke was freed when the Autobots showed up. Smoke also witnessed Optimus cut a mountain in two dropped on him by Megatron. Back at base, he get another yelling at by Arcee for taking Jack with him. As he apologized, Optimus stated that disregard for human safety, anyone's safety, will not be tolerated. He reminds that Autobots that while they walk the Earth, they are titans and must not lose sight of that fact. Suddenly, the Star Saber started to glow. Optimus then said that he's receiving a message from Alpha Trion. Legacy

As soon as the message, Smokescreen asked Prime if Alpha Trion asked about him. Bulkhead cut him off, and asked what the message was. Optimus stated that they must find the remaining four Iacon relics: the Omega Keys. These keys can revitalize Cybertron. This excites the Autobots, but Arcee, Bulkhead and Bumblebee realizes that it will also mean leaving their human friends. Once Optimus decrypted the first set of coordinates, Arcee and Smokescreen depart for Egypt. As they begin their search, Smokescreen apologized for putting Jack in harm's way. She then snapped at him, stating that that Team Prime can't afford any casualties after losing Cliffjumper. As they locate the Omega Key within a pyramid, they emerge to find Megatron, with a new Dark Star Saber in his grafted hand of Prime, waiting for them. He demonstrated his new weapon with a quick swing. It impacted Smokescreen, acting the Phase Shifter he was wearing and sending him flying back into the pyramid. By the time he managed to find a way out, he witnessed Optimus and Megatron battling with their respective Sabers. Using the Phase Shifter, he was able to save Optimus and snag the Omega Key, retreating through the groundbridge. Alpha; Omega

In Season 3, during Smokescreen and Prime's time in hiding, Optimus, in his dying moments, said it was time for a new Prime, and that the one was standing before him. Smokescreen acted humble, claiming that he was not ready. After Optimus died, Smokescreen activated the Forge of Solus Prime, reviving Optimus.

At the light of this continuing legacy of the Primes, Smokescreen seems a ideal candidate to become Rodimus Prime, as he is a young and brave warrior.



  • Smokescreen (Deluxe, 2012)
    • ID number: AM-26
    • Accessories: Arms Micron

Smokescreen is a redeco (possibly retooling) of Knock Out and exclusive to the TakaraTomy Prime toyline.

Beast Hunters

Smokescreen (Deluxe, 2013)

Series/Number: 2 / 008

Japanese ID number: G19'

Accessories: Electronet Launcher, Quill Armor'

Part of the second wave of Prime: Beast Hunters toys, Smokescreen is a new mold.

This mold was reused for Prowl.


Smokescreen (Cyberverse Legion, 2013) Japanese ID number: EG04 Accessories: Chain Bolter Prime: Beast Hunters Cyberverse Smokescreen is an all-new mold, transforming into a sports car loosely based on a McLaren MP4-12C, and comes with a "Chain Bolter" blaster with a chainsaw bayonet. Both Smokescreen and his weapon have 3mm posts and holes.


  • Smokescreen's vehicle mode seems to resemble a racing Ferrari 458 Italia or a McLaren sports car.
  • While almost every other character in the series has had an Earth vehicle mode look to them before they scan a vehicle, Smokescreen is the first to have his paint job change when this occurs.
  • Smokescreen is the first Elite Guard member in the series.
    • But strangely, when he takes his vehicle mode, the symbol vanishes