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Every Autobot has a purpose, be it as a leader, a warrior, a healer, or a scout. Smokescreen's purpose, however, is to charm and deceive. His job is to conceal the Autobots' true mission and lead the enemy astray, and he's not above flat-out cheating to get the job done. Off the battlefield, he uses his naturally friendly and sociable nature to get in close with his Autobot comrades... then reports back to Optimus Prime, giving the Autobot leader an on-the-ground perspective on what his troops are thinking.

Smokescreen's armaments are similar to his tactics. If he can't outthink, charm, or just plain outrun you, he'll surround you with a magnetized cloud of smoke, and blast you with his circuit-scrambling weapons while you're stumbling around blindly.

Smokescreen affectionately refers to his teammate Powerglide as "P.G." [1]

Portuguese name (Brazil comic): Cortina
Portuguese name (Portugal comic): Cortina de Fumo
French name (Canada): Écran de Fumée
Hungarian name: Füstfelhő (meaning Cloud Of Smoke)
Italian name: Leo


Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Jack Angel (US), Masashi Ebara (Japan)


After being transported to planet of giant aliens, Optimus Prime failed to introduce Smokescreen to the alien boy Aron. Smokescreen didn't seem to mind. Child's Play

After fleeing the planet, the group of Autobots were captured by a bounty hunter named Bosch and then de-energised to prevent escape. Somehow, Smokescreen was unaffected, and managed to break free from the containment tubes. He made a deal with Bosche: the bounty hunter would free Smokescreen's friends in exchange for helping the gambling-addicted alien win energon chips on the gambling world of Monacus. After trading in the other Autobots for chips with the local crime boss Lord Gyconi in the city of Sheol, Smokescreen gambled away the freedom of his friends after his cheating is stopped by a small Jawa looking creature. Well done, Smokescreen.

Smokescreen gambler 4

The best way to cheat is to make ambiguously suggestive comments about your cheating. Extra points for making sly winks and nudging your friends.

He eventually makes good on his debt thanks to the help of Autobot bounty hunter Devcon, who helped take down the Decepticon-backed Gyconi. After Optimus Prime and the others were reactivated, they all rolled back to Monacus' Casino Row for a little recreation. The Gambler

Smokescreen was amongst the Autobot participants in the Europa 2000, a charity race from Paris to Istanbul. While the Autobots were ostensibly there to try and win extra money for charity, they were secretly assigned to protect the arrogant American driver Auggie Cahnay. Smokescreen was making good progress in the race until he was rammed off the road by Wildrider, then broadsided by the other Stunticons. After crawling back onto the road, he was discovered by Bluestreak. Trans-Europe Express

In the original Storyboards for The Transformers: The Movie, it was Smokescreen who lay dead, rather than Wheeljack (Though he can still be seen as Springer enters the room before the shot changes to focus on Arcee moving Windcharger's body).

Binaltech storyline

When the Decepticons unleashed Cosmic Rust on Earth, Smokescreen was one of the many Autobots infested with the virus. As Earth Defense Command created the Binaltech Project in order to help the Autobots, Smokescreen was one of the first patients to undergo transference into an electro-cell powered new body. With the help of his fellow Binaltech Autobots, Smokescreen and his new power helped drive the Decepticons off the planet. He remained part of the soldiers based at Autobot City on Earth.

Marvel comics continuity

Generation One

When the Autobot forces on Earth were severely depleted by several battles, Optimus Prime instructed Wheeljack to construct five additional warriors using a device called the Mind Bank. It seems that before the Ark left Cybertron, Smokescreen and four other Autobots allowed their minds to be encoded on crystalline containment vessels, in case reinforcements were needed on the starship's mission. Left in storage for the last few million years after the crash, the crystals were miraculously still intact, and Wheeljack had constructed new Earthen bodies for the Autobots. Upon their revival, Smokescreen and his fellows were entrusted to Bumblebee's care, to act as their guide in adapting to Earth roads and customs.

As their training and acclimation mission continued, Prime contacted the group and ordered them on an additional reconnaissance mission to watch out for a Decepticon attempt to steal sonic energy at a local rock concert. Naturally, their "reconnaissance only" mission quickly turned into a battle with Shockwave and the Seekers, but Smokescreen and the others acquitted themselves well on their first terrestrial mission. Rock and Roll-Out!

Later, Smokescreen was assigned by Optimus Prime to surreptitiously guard Buster Witwicky from harm, after the young human personally humiliated the Decepticon commander Shockwave in battle using a mech suit. Taking Ironhide, Tracks, Brawn, and Buster's worried father Sparkplug Witwicky with him, Smokescreen followed Buster and Jessie to a demolition derby. Smokescreen was fascinated by the spectacle, seeing it as a form of gladiatorial combat. In fact, he was SO fascinated that he reactivated his Facsimile Construct circuitry in his front seat without realizing that Sparkplug had climbed back inside. An unpleasant silence followed. Devastation Derby!

When Optimus Prime, Prowl and Ratchet mysteriously vanished in a flash of light, Smokescreen shined under adversity and, alongside the likes of Jetfire and Ironhide, rose to a command position among the Autobots during their battles with the evil Galvatron and his minions. He and the others suffered a severe pounding at the hands of the future Decepticons and the Autobot Jazz, who had been temporarily turned into a zombie-drone by Galvatron after being taken prisoner. At one point, Jetfire was ready to pack it in and lead the Autobots in a retreat, but Smokescreen rallied them into continuing the fight. Target 2006

Like many Autobots, Smokescreen disappeared after the Underbase Saga, and is presumed to have been killed battling Starscream or the united Decepticon armies of Scorponok and Ratbat. Dark Star!

Marvel UK future timelines

In 2008, Smokescreen and Inferno were assigned a simple taxi mission to bring Autobot ally Wreck-Gar back home to the planet of Junk. That "simple mission" turned ugly when they discovered Unicron's head, alive and functioning, had taken over the minds of the Junkion populace and was forcing them to rebuild his body. Cutting out in an attempt to get back to Cybertron and warn Rodimus Prime, the Autobots were seen and came under fire from Unicron's puppet, Death's Head. Inferno was injured and Wreck-Gar stayed behind to cover their retreat, leaving only Smokescreen to pilot the shuttle back to Cybertron. Without a co-pilot, he was hard pressed to keep the ship in the air AND evade Unicron's other puppets, Scourge and Cyclonus, when they tried to shoot him down before he reached Prime. With the ship going down, Inferno hauled himself out of the medical bay long enough to toss Smokescreen to safety and guide the shuttle down in a suicide crash atop the nearby Decepticon forces.

Once Smokescreen made his report, he joined Rodimus, Scattershot and the Dinobots in returning to Junk to deal with Unicron. While Prime and the Dinobots hit the ground to deal with the Junkions, Smokescreen and Scattershot stayed aboard the shuttle to distract Unicron. Much to Scattershot's dismay, Smokescreen adapted a rather devil-may-care attitude, swooping in too close to Unicron's massive head and barely avoiding his eye-beams. Smokescreen's attitude came from his guilt over leaving Wreck-Gar along on Junk and letting Inferno get killed, but luckily his rashness didn't cause any lasting damage, and Unicron's evil was ultimately contained inside the Creation Matrix by Rodimus. The Legacy of Unicron!

Some months later, Smokescreen was part of the band of Autobots who came to Earth to free Autobot City from an occupying force of Quintessons. Space Pirates!

Generation 2

Smokescreen was fighting alongside his friend, Inferno, and some former Wreckers against the Cybertronian Empire. However, he suffered heavy damage and was apparently killed in battle. Escalation!

Find Your Fate Junior

Desert Flight Back on Cybertron, Smokescreen's home was almost sent flying off into space when the Decepticons attacked with an unstable anti-gravity weapon.

3H Universe comics

Dreamwave comics continuity

Smokescreen and Inferno were under Grimlock's leadership in the Lightning Strike Coalition during the Dark Ages. The War Within: The Dark Ages

After the Great Shutdown, Smokescreen returned to civilian life while the Unified Cybertronian government rose up around him. Initially complacent about shared rule with the Decepticons, Smokescreen's optics were opened thanks to the revolutionary actions of the young Autobot Hot Rod and his followers. Smokescreen gathered a resistance unit of his own with Tracks, Devcon, and several Minibots. Thanks to his Autobot connections in the Triple-Changer Strike Force, Smokescreen managed to get Prowl and the rest of the Ark's crew released from custody to join up with his cell. This soon led to a successful insurrection, clearing out Shockwave and his corrupt influence, leaving Cybertron under peaceful Autobot control. War and Peace


Generation One

  • Smokescreen (1985, 2002, 2003)
    • Japanese ID number: 45
    • Accessories: Gun, 2 missile launchers (left & right), 3 missiles
G1 Smokescreen toy

He can only get away with those colours because he's from the 1980s.

Smokescreen transforms into a Datsun 280ZX Turbo based upon the Electramotive Davendorf/Sharpe touring car. Contrary to popular belief, the 38 decal is not a reversed "83" (often said to be an attempt to avoid legal issues). In truth, the real life car has raced under both numbers. Though Smokescreen is a Datsun 280ZX, he is a retool of the standard body used by both Bluestreak and Prowl, featuring a much larger front fender and a rear spoiler. He is predominantly blue, red and white in both vehicle and robot modes. Like Bluestreak and Prowl, he features two spring-loaded missile launchers mounted either side of his head, and is armed with a silver laser rifle.
In 2002, Smokescreen was re-released as part of the Transformers Collection series in Japan. This version has slightly-altered decals, and fully-functional spring-loaded missile launchers.
In 2003, Smokescreen was released as part of the Toys "R" Us exclusive "Commemorative Series" line in the US. This version of Smokescreen uses a softer, unchromed black plastic for his rifle and missiles owing to breakage issues, plus his launchers are completely non-firing. He uses the same decals as the Japanese "bookbox" release.


  • Smokescreen (2003, 2004)
    • Alternator ID number: 1
    • Japanese ID number: BT-01, BT-07
    • Accessories: Turbo intercooler/gun, missile launcher with missile (Smokescreen GT only)
Binaltech Smokescreen Toy

We're gellin? Are you gellin?

Alternators Smokescreen transforms into a 2003 Subaru Impreza WRC rally car, with opening hood, trunk, and all four doors as well as a detailed interior. He also features working steering and rubber tires. His robot mode is based upon his original toy, as well as his cartoon model, but with changes made to reflect modern standards of Transformers toys, as well as his new vehicle mode. He is armed with a laser rifle formed from his turbo intercooler, and has the capacity to mount two spring-loaded rocket launchers on either side of his shoulders, though these were only included with his 2004 Binaltech retool, Smokescreen GT.
There are several major differences between the Takara Binaltech Smokescreen and Hasbro's Alternators version. While the Binaltech version of Smokescreen is constructed partially out of die-cast metal and painted in a metallic electric blue paint job, Hasbro's Alternators release has plain blue plastic. Additionally, Takara released both the number 07 Solberg / Mills and the number 08 Makinen / Lindstrom versions of the 2003 WRC car, Hasbro only released the number 08 version. There have often been complaints, however, of Binaltech Smokescreen's paint being very easy to scratch or scrape.
Binaltech Smokescreen GT Toy

Oh, we're gellin!

In 2004, Takara retooled him for their Binaltech series into Smokescreen GT. He received a new front end, hood, roof, spoiler and wheels to reflect the changes made to the Team Subaru WRC car in the 2004 World Rally Championship. He also included a single spring-loaded missile launcher (with missile) that could be attached either side of his head via two small holes.
Note: Smokescreen was actually a retool of Alternators/Binaltech Silverstreak, a stock Subaru WRX. However, the marketing department at Takara felt that the more flashy Smokescreen would make a more suitable debut toy and would grab more attention than the plain silver Streak would.

Titanium Series

  • Smokescreen (3-inch Robot Masters, 2006)
    • Accessories: Gun
Titanium RM Smokescreen

Squatmaster Smokescreen

This version is of the Alternators toy, but lacks the Alternator's Subaru racing deco. While all Titanium mini-figures are somewhat squatty, Smokescreen may, in fact, be the squattiest of them all.

Universe (2008)

  • Smokescreen (Deluxe, 2008)
    • Accessories: Gun
Smokescreen is an Universe Prowl repaint. Smokescreen sports the same color scheme as his original toy. The only major change between Prowl and Smokescreen is that Smokescreen lacks Prowl's lightbar.



Not cast in the '07 movie.

  • Said deco is in fact based on a real-life rally car deco.
  • In late 2005, Subaru displayed a life-size robot-mode prop of Binaltech Smokescreen GT using body shell parts of the then-current Impreza WRC for a corporate event. Ironically this prop had the same parts fits problems in vehicle mode that the increasingly worn-out Binaltech Smokescreen and Streak toolings would exhibit in the then-current Binaltech Asterisk Alert release.


  1. The Ballentine Find Your Fate Junior book Desert Flight

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