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Smokescreen barely interacted with Predaking. In [[Predacons Rising]], Smokescreen went with Bumblebee, Arcee, and Bulkhead to Predaking's refuge where they told him about two new Predacons and asked for his help in locating them. Predaking refused, but later on he and his two Predacon brethren joined forces with the Autobots in fighting Unicron's army of zombie Predacons. After Unicron was defeated, Predaking and his brethren may have proven themselves to be allies to the Autobots.
Smokescreen barely interacted with Predaking. In [[Predacons Rising]], Smokescreen went with Bumblebee, Arcee, and Bulkhead to Predaking's refuge where they told him about two new Predacons and asked for his help in locating them. Predaking refused, but later on he and his two Predacon brethren joined forces with the Autobots in fighting Unicron's army of zombie Predacons. After Unicron was defeated, Predaking and his brethren may have proven themselves to be allies to the Autobots.
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Template:TabviewThese are Smokescreen's relationships.


Optimus Prime

"The time for a new leader is upon us. In my Spark, I believe, that leader stands before me right now."
Optimus to Smokesceen.
Smokescreen caring for Optmius

Smokescreen caring for his wounded leader

Due to his knowledge from Alpha Trion, Smokescreen learned a great deal on Optimus and truly considered him a great warrior. Smokescreen finally got his wish when he was introduced by Optimus on Earth. Optimus shook Smokescreen's hand and Smokescreen stated it was an honor for him to be with Optimus. This would show he would become a "fanboy" when Optimus is around or mentioned.

After a brief discussion, Optimus allowed him to inhabit the Autobot base. During his first day as a member of the Earth's Autobot team, Optimus did not want him to partake in a mission with Bumblebee, Arcee and himself, believing Smokescreen to be too inexperienced to benefit the team's mission. However, after Smokescreen saved the group and upon returning to base, was given a proper welcome by Prime. He accompanied Optimus, Bumblebee and Arcee to fight off several Vehicons and avoided a large ray with them as well before leaving the group.

Following Arcee's advisement of nearly putting Jack's life at stake to Smokescreen, Optimus told the latter that the endangerment of humans will not be tolerated. After Optimus received a transmission from Alpha Trion while wielding the Star Saber, Smokescreen asked the latter if Alpha Trion said anything about him, to no avail. Before departing to retrieve an Omega Key, Smokescreen promised Optimus that he would be successful in his mission. Optimus went with the other Autobots to save Smokescreen after he was revealed to contain the final Omega Key. However, they were unsuccessful as Soundwave managed to capture Smokescreen and soon Smokescreen managed to escape the warship on his own, with three Omega Keys. Following the Autobots' belief that Smokescreen had perished during his escape and plummet to the ground, Optimus and the other Autobots mourned his death before becoming relieved that Smokescreen had survived the fall due to the Phase Shifter.

Smokescreen later displayed exterme loyalty in the aftermath of the Omega Lock's destruction. He was the only one who returned to Optimus and saved his life by sheltering him in a cave. When Optimus came to, Smokescreen showed extreme anxiety when Optimus could not respond the first time when Optimus told him there was no hope in getting help before not responding back. Smokescreen went back to the destroyed base and returned to the cave where Optimus was laying deeply wounded. Optimus told Smokescreen about the Forge of Solus Prime, which Smokescreen realized it could help his injured leader and went to retrieve it from the Decepticon warship. Smokescreen successfully retrieved the Forge and brought it back to Optimus. Optimus merely wished for Smokescreen to use the Forge to restore the Omega Lock instead of using it to restore on Optimus. Smokescreen then used the Forge to revive Optimus, despite Optimus' own wishes. Since then Smokescreen has always stood by Optimus's side and regards him as an excellent leader, Optimus in turn believes that Smokescreen is a loyal Autobot, even a worthy soldier of becoming a Prime.

Smokescreen is like a son to Optimus and could be described as his apprentice, like Bumblebee is to Optimus.


"Predacon allies!, you called it Bee, and to think Optimus almost passed down the Matrix to me."
―Smokescreen commending Bumblebee.
Bumble Bee and Smokescreen

Bumblebee & Smokescreen

Smokescreen met Bumblebee right after the two and the other Autobots succeeded in defeating several Insecticons. Smokescreen saved Bumblebee's life, along with Optimus and Arcee when he defeated Starscream. He accompanied Bumblebee and the other Autobots to fight a multitude of Vehicons and dodged a large beam fired before departing.

During a drive, Bumblebee tried to convince Smokescreen not to speed down the road. However, Smokescreen did not understand his meaning, stating that the humans should not have given him the option to drive fast if they did not want him to do it. As the two pulled over and Smokescreen got into an altercation with a citizen, Bumblebee tried to restrain him from harming the human before Smokescreen claimed to have just been joking around. However, the two soon had a picture taken of them and posted on the internet.

Not long after he was nearly chosen to be the next Prime Smokescreen asked Bumblebee if he'd ever considered a future as a Prime. When Bumblebee told him he only wished to be a warrior Smokescreen agreed that such a position was much more appealing. This act strengthened their bond and the two made quite a team as they engaged several Vehiocns together and managed to hold their own against Shockwave.

In Deadlock, Smokescreen was shocked as Bumblebee was shot several times by Megatron visibly shouting at his comrade's supposed demise. However, he was relieved that Bumblebee had been revived thanks to the Omega Lock's cybermatter and killed Megatron with the star saber.

Back on Cybertron he congratulated Bee becoming a warrior and felt that he could maybe become a Prime someday, Bumblebee however jokingly did not wish to have that responsibility. Later Smokescreen appeared slightly annoyed with Bumblebee apparently taking charge of the Autobots in the absence of Optimus and Ultra Magnus. Though he later happily told Bumblebee that he would make a much better leader than himself despite Optimus and the Matrix choosing him. Smokescreen realized the importance of being in a team and currently stands by Bumblebee and the rest of the team's side.

Bumblebee and Smokescreen act almost like brothers.

Considering they're likely the same age, this would make sense.


"There's hope for you yet, Newbie!"
―Bulkhead officially seeing Smokescreen as a teammate and friend.

Bulkhead & Smokescreen

Bulkhead and Smokescreen

Hard knocks screenshot 46

Smokescreen first met Bulkhead at the Autobot Base shortly after his arrival on Earth. Upon rhetorically asking how hard it would be to end the war, Bulkhead limped towards him and used himself as an example of their difficulty in ending the conflict. After Smokescreen succeeded in defeating Starscream and saving the Autobots, Bulkhead secretly admitted Smokescreen had done a proficient job. However, the two came into conflict shortly afterwards, with Smokescreen's suggestion to Bulkhead that the latter use the Apex Armor for the time being due to his injuries. When Bulkhead arrived to fight Breakdown, Smokescreen arrived to save him from near death the two teamed up together and managed to defeat Breakdown, it was at this moment that Bulkhead had lost all jealously of Smokescreen and the two high fived each other, the young bot also told him of his study of the Wreckers which pleased Bulkhead.

The two teamed up to retrieve the third Omega Key. However, the two were attacked and bombed by Decepticon Dreadwing. Bulkhead instructed Smokescreen to find the Key which Smokescreen complied whilst Bulkhead fought Dreadwing, Smokescreen failed to retrieve the key after being struck from behind by a relatively fast assailant. As Smokescreen began to cower over his loss and his previous sentiments to Optimus that he would retrieve the Omega Key, Bulkhead comforted him and reminded the latter that all four Omega Keys were required to restore Cybertron to its former self. After an upset Smokescreen left the Autobot base after being told off a bit too harshly by fellow Autobot Arcee for his belief in a personalized destiny, Bulkhead was initially intending to recover him before Optimus opted to let Smokescreen calm himself down.

Upon witnessing Smokescreen being captured by Soundwave and brought to the Nemesis, Bulkhead shouted in despair; when learning that Smokescreen had escaped the Nemesis he was overjoyed however after he fought that his friend had perished due to the fall, he became relieved to know that he had survived thanks to the Phase Shifter. After the base's destruction and the Autobots regrouped Bulkhead showed concern about Smokescreen whereabouts, after the assault on Darkmount and the Autobots were about to be executed Smokescreen saved him and the others by reviving their leader with the Forge; Bulkhead was grateful to him for saving the team. The two are good friends and always look out for each other.

Bulkhead acts as an older brother figure to Smokescreen, whom in return is like a younger brother to Bulkhead.


"Smokescreen was the only one who went back, if it weren't for him, Optimus might not be with us today""
―Arcee about Smokescreen.
Smokescreen & Arcee

Smokescreen and Arcee

Smokescreen met Arcee upon his arrival on Earth. The latter expressed suspicion over the Autobot for his emerging from a Decepticon escape pod and continued to hound him as the two arrived at the Autobot base, however after he told them about his story, she finally believed him. When discussing about the young bot Arcee believed that he was too inexperienced to benefit the Team's needs, however after Smokescreen managed to save her when the Autobots were pinned down by Starscream and Smokescreen used the Phase Shifter on him, where she found his overconfident pride rather exhausting exhaling after his words, she was however pleased with his accomplishment.

When Smokescreen almost harmed a human she stated that exposing their secret was unwise, after Jack had been assigned to help Smokescreen better understand Earth, Arcee showed concern about Jack's safety with the young bot. Once she had learned about Smokescreen endangering Jack by bringing him along to find the Star Saber Arcee scolded him and stated that Team Prime did not need another child referring to Smokescreen. When Smokescreen was accompanied by Arcee to retrieve the first Omega Key he attempted to apologize to her for bringing Jack along now learning from his mistake, Arcee however informed him about looking out for his teammates where she told him about her previous losses.

The two succeeded in finding the relic but then found themselves facing of against Megatron and The Dark Star Saber, when Smokescreen had been hit by a wave from the saber Arcee was shocked at the supposed loss of her friend. Back at the base She was overwhelmed with quilt and sadness for how she had treated him however she became relived after seeing Smokescreen return to the base and when he told the others about obtaining the Omega Key she commented "You're Learning".

As Smokescreen started to believe it was his destiny to become a great warrior, Arcee dusted him off before he continued. After Optimus forced Smokescreen to remain at base and allow Arcee to retrieve an Omega Key with Bumblebee, Arcee mocked him by stating that their destiny awaited. After Smokescreen failed to retrieve the third Omega Key and was reproaching himself, Arcee lectured him about destiny, scolding him for thinking more about himself than the restoration of Cybertron where she advised him to put the teams needs before his own which as well as being an Autobot rather than a hero this caused Smokescreen to drive away in a huff, the additional lecture being too much for him to bear.

When he returned with two Omega Keys, Arcee begrudgingly told him he had done a good job. After the base was destroyed, Arcee noted that if Smokescreen hadn't gone back for Optimus, then he wouldn't be with them. Since then Arcee has treated him more like an equal; however when Smokescreen jokes around, Arcee sometimes finds it irrelevant.

Smokescreen has a personality similar to Cliffjumper, which might explain some of Arcee's initial hostility toward him. Yet, Arcee likes to hang out with Smokescreen and Smokescreen feels the same way.

Arcee is like an older sister to Smokescreen.


"And your instincts have again proven to be quite sound."
―Ratchet commending Smokescreen.
Smokescreen & Ratchet

Smokescreen & Ratchet

Upon his arrival to Earth, Ratchet was rather suspicious of Smokescreen even so when he mentioned the Hall of Records. However, when Smokescreen informed the others about his story, Ratchet believed him. Ratchet believed that Smokescreen was inexperienced as he explained to Bulkhead. When Smokescreen attempted to convince Ratchet to join the others in fighting Starscream, the medic refused and lashed out, reminding him of further additional training before he could do anything. Smokescreen persuaded Ratchet by using the Phase Shifter to defeat Starscream. While Smokescreen succeeded in acquiring the Apex Armor, Ratchet however reminded him about protocol.

Ratchet was furious at Smokescreen when he learned about him almost harming a human, where he questioned if Alpha Trion ever taught him to act the way he did. When Smokescreen returned after being supposedly killed by the Dark Star Saber, Ratchet allowed him to keep the Phase Shifter as his signature weapon, it was shown that Ratchet was often irritated by Smokescreen's youthfulness. However, Ratchet did care for Smokescreen when Arcee scolded him for thinking more about his destiny where Ratchet advised Arcee about leaving Smokescreen alone. After Smokescreen managed to escape the Nemesis, Ratchet was relieved and did his best to coordinate him to the Groundbridge he opened. Ratchet was relieved that Smokescreen had survived the fall and even more pleased to learn he had acquired two Omega Keys.

When Ratchet was distraught about the destruction of the Omega Lock and Smokescreen told him that he was out of place to second-guess battlefield decisions this angered Ratchet greatly. When the Autobots regrouped after the destruction of the Autobot base, he showed concern that Smokescreen and Optimus were absent. When the two regrouped with the rest, Ratchet noted that the Forge had been depleted of power he eased Smokescreen's conscience by telling him he did the right thing in saving Optimus' life. Ratchet talked about Smokescreen with Arcee he said that while under strict protocol they were rather fortunate due to Smokescreen's inexperience which helped the team. Since then, Ratchet sees potential in Smokescreen and views him as a true soldier.

Ratchet is like an older family figure to Smokescreen.

Ultra Magnus

""Cybertron will populate in time kid.""
―Ultra Magnus to Smokescreen.

Ultra Magnus and Smokescreen

Ultra Magnus and Smokescreen

Smokescreen met up with Ultra Magnus after the destruction of the old base. When Smokescreen drove around Unit:E in his new color scheme which he dubbed as 'War paint', unimpressed Ultra Magnus then sternly assigned him to stack empty Energon cubes, Smokescreen listened to Magnus' command, but he quietly complained that he still felt like a rookie.

Smokescreen did not appreciate Ultra Magnus' command style on Team Prime, however he did seem to respect his commander as he addressed him as 'Sir'. After Ultra Magnus's right hand was severely crushed by Predaking, Ratchet made him a claw hand. Smokescreen claimed that his new hand would become his signature weapon. After Ratchet had been captured by Soundwave, Smokescreen was in denial after failing to shoot Laserbeak. Ultra Magnus cheered him up by stating that the piece he shot off would prove useful in finding Ratchet. After Megatron was killed and Team Prime had restored Cybertron, Smokescreen, Ultra Magnus, and Wheeljack shared a mutual salute to Agent Fowler and then departed to their home planet.

During the ceremony on their home, Ultra Magnus was assigned to find and capture the remaining Decepticons, where Smokescreen accompanied him on the search. During that time Smokescreen hoped for more of their kind would be there to see their home. Ultra Magnus told Smokescreen that Cybertron would repopulate in time and referred to him as "kid." When the pair found two new Predacons and fought against them, they both managed to hold their own until Ultra Magnus was badly damaged by Skylynx. Smokescreen managed to save him with the Phase Shifter and dragged him back to the Nemesis. Smokescreen was truly angered at the Predacons for wounding his friend and wanted to avenge him by taking them down which showed how much Smokescreen cared for Ultra Magnus.

Smokescreen most likely looked up to Ultra Magnus as a father figure and Ultra Magnus returned this feeling and treated Smokescreen as a son.


"So the kid clipped the business end off Laserbeak's transponder"
― Wheeljack compliments Smokescreen.
Smokescreen & Wheeljack

Smokescreen and Wheeljack

Smokescreen met Wheeljack when the Autobots regrouped at Unit:E. Though the two have had few interactions, Smokescreen seems to respect Wheeljack because of his Wrecker status, and mostly likely views him as a great warrior which is shown when he wanted to join the Wrecker's when searching the mine in Evolution. Wheeljack in turn has respect for Smokescreen when he learned that he shot Laserbeak's transponder off addressing him as 'Kid'. When Wheeljack was helping Raf construct Chip, Smokescreen was surprised to see him acting like a team playerplayer. When Cybertron was restored he, Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus shared a mutual salute to Agent Fowler then departed to Cybertron.

Wheeljack is almost like an older brother to Smokescreen.

Alpha Trion

"You know as well as I, a worthy candidate is near, one who will learn to be a Prime as you once did"
―Alpha Trion advising Optimus about Smokescreen.

Smokescreen was Alpha Trion's personal bodyguard on Cybertron in the Iacon Hall of Records. Though Smokescreen initially did not appreciate the position, he eventually came to respect Alpha Trion and considered him as a great mentor as well as a friend, Alpha Trion in turn considered Smokescreen trustworthy enough to tell him about his involvement of making Orion Pax a Prime. When the Decepticons attacked Iacon Alpha Trion knocked Smokescreen out and placed one of the Omega Keys within him, as he believed that Smokescreen would one day join Optimus Prime on Earth.

When Smokescreen told Team Prime about his story, when asked about Alpha Trion's whereabouts by Optimus, Smokescreen expressed sadness as to not knowing his friend's fate. When Optimus received a message from Alpha Trion through the Star Saber, Smokescreen inquired if he asked about him. As Alpha Trion appeared to Optimus in the Allspark, he expressed high regard for Smokescreen as he considered him a worthy candidate and would become a great Prime. Though Smokescreen was unaware of this, Smokescreen no doubt misses his mentor.

Alpha Trion was like a Grandfather figure to Smokescreen.

Jack Darby

Smokescreen and Jack

Smokescreen and Jack laughing

Smokescreen met Jack when he arrived on Earth, Jack gave Smokescreen a tour of the base, showing him the Iacon relics the Autobots found, he then later helped Smokescreen to find a vehicle form. When Smokescreen accidentally threatened a human, Jack was assigned to help him fit in better on Earth. Smokescreen convinced him to pull several pranks on his school bully Vince, the two laughed and became good friends.

When hearing of another relic, Smokescreen took Jack along to find the relic which turned out to be the Star Saber. While Jack urged Smokescreen to wait for backup, Smokescreen went in and took out several vehicons but was then captured. The Autobots saved Smokescreen and Jack, when Arcee sent Jack back home he looked at Smokescreen where he said "green for go" knowing that he had learned his lesson, Jack smiled and then departed via the Groundbridge. Smokescreen and Arcee traded their Omega Keys to Starscream in exchange for Jack in Darkest Hour.

Smokescreen and Jack act like best friends.


Megatron (formerly)

"The Dark Lord himself, he won't know what hit him."
―Smokescreen overconfidently remarks about Megatron.
Inside job 5-6

Smokescreen Joking at Megatron

During there first meeting, Smokescreen was not overly intimidated by the leader of the Decepticons. His attitude continued to be very dismissive and flippant, even as Megatron interrogated him while he was held prisoner aboard the Decepticons warship. The only time Smokescreen ever appeared intimidated by Megatron was when he was possessed, and consequently upgraded by Unicron.

In turn aside from Optimus Prime, Megatron probably despised Smokescreen the most. Originally, he did not care much for the young Autobot but the loss of the Star Saber and that he saved Optimus Prime, led to Megatron having a deep hatred of him. That hatred only increased when Smokescreen stole both of the Decepticon's Omega Keys and killed an entire platoon of Decepticons with the Spark Extractor.

Smokescreen would later rob Megatron of another victory by saving Optimus and giving him a new body, thanks to the Forge of Solus Prime. And while it was Bumblebee who killed him with the recovered Star Saber. That would not have been possible had Smokescreen not retrieved it just before the battle, something that most likely did not escape Megatron's notice. However, Smokescreen showed no hatred over Megatron in Predacons Rising.


"And you must be Starscream, I thought you'd be taller!"
―Smokescreen unimpressed at Starscream.
Smokescreen & Starscream

Smokescreen meeting Starscream

Smokescreen knew a great deal about Starscream from his reputation on Cybertron and had hoped for a chance to face the Decepticon commander for some time. While initially Starscream had no thoughts for Smokescreen, he came to despise him for removing the Apex Armor from him. Starscream managed to get his revenge when he knocked Smokescreen out with the use of the Red Energon, where he managed to acquire the Omega Key. Upon receiving a message from starscream Smokescreen finally learned it was the air commander who knocked him out where he then came to despise him.

The two would meet again during the battle of the Omega Lock where they were forced to hand the Omega Keys in exchange for Jack, Miko, Raf. Smokescreen along with Arcee traded for Jack, whilst Arcee came to Jack Smokescreen angrily glared at Starscream causing him to despise the Decepticon even more. Later during the Final battle Smokescreen passed Starscream on his way over to the Omega Lock Control room with the Star Saber in hand, in which Starscream screamed in fear.

Knock Out (formerly)

"Well aren't you the clever one."
―Knock Out to Smokescreen.
Knock Out & Smokescreen

Knock Out and Smokescreen

Smokescreen encountered Knock Out when he was captured and brought aboard the Nemesis. During Smokescreen's interrogation, Knock Out had fun tormenting him, and he took the Phase Shifter from him which he found rather fitting. Knock Out revealed that he was jealous that Smokescreen's finish was shinier than his own. When Megatron left the room, the two engaged in a short fight with Smokesceeen having the upper hand and managed to trap Knock Out in a wall using the Phase Shifter. Knock Out was furious at Smokescreen as he left him in the wall. During the final battle on Cybertron, Knock Out somehow managed to take the Phase Shifter from Smokescreen after phasing him through a wall on the Nemesis as an act of revenge.

However, after Knock Out defected to the Autobots, Smokescreen and Knock Out seem to be on friendly terms.


"It's like he's watching, no matter where you go"
― Smokescreen's cautious of Soundwave.
Smokescreen & Soundwave

Smokescreen has had few encounters with Soundwave. The first time they met would be when Soundwave knocked Smokescreen unconscious with the Resonance Blaster and dragged him back to the Nemesis. When Soundwave was captured, Smokescreen joked about his look when suddenly Laserbeak infiltrated the base and restored Soundwave. Smokescreen tried to jump kick him, but Soundwave knocked him out with an electric pulse. Smokescreen regretted not being able to prevent Soundwave capturing Ratchet.

Predaking (formerly)

Smokescreen barely interacted with Predaking. In Predacons Rising, Smokescreen went with Bumblebee, Arcee, and Bulkhead to Predaking's refuge where they told him about two new Predacons and asked for his help in locating them. Predaking refused, but later on he and his two Predacon brethren joined forces with the Autobots in fighting Unicron's army of zombie Predacons. After Unicron was defeated, Predaking and his brethren may have proven themselves to be allies to the Autobots.

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