Smith is a character in the Go-Bots continuity.

Smith is a helpful and speedy Go-Bot.


Japanese Go-Bots Comic

While driving, Smith nearly ran into a delivery truck that went through a stoplight. Smith admonished the truck that it had to stop on red lights, and it apologized. However, the near-collision had made everything the truck was carrying go flying, causing a traffic jam!

Smith transformed to robot mode, picked up all the boxes and put them back on the delivery truck. The truck thanked Smith as it drove off, and Smith saluted in return.

Rescue complete!


Rescue Hero Go-Bots

  • Smith (Basic Go-Bot)
Japanese ID number: GO-07
Released in 2003, Smith is the Japanese version of Prowl-Bot. His chest appears to be a slightly different shade of grey, and all four of his police flasher lights are red (whereas Prowl-Bot has half red and half blue flashers).
This mold was also used to make Fire-Bot, Robert and Cop-Bot. The original version of this mold was used for Speed-Bot, Mototron, Aero-Bot II, Kid and Ted, and it was further remolded to make Taxi-Bot.


  • It is unknown if Smith and Robert ever tried forming a band, but it makes you wonder.

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