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This article is about the Decepticon torture and recycling device. For issue 17 of the Marvel US comic, see The Smelting Pool!.

The Smelting Pool is a location on Cybertron in the Generation One continuity family.

Cross the Decepticons and you could find yourself in hot water metal.

The Smelting Pool is a combined torture and recycling device used by the Decepticons to melt down their enemies. The pool is a fiery red colour as a result of all the molten metal from its victims.


Marvel Comics continuity[]

The Smelting Pool is located on Cybertron in the province of Polyhex in the shadow of the Decepticon stronghold of Darkmount. Captured Autobots and Empties from the Dead End are thrown into the smelting pool to die in agony as they are gradually melted by the extreme heat. Their molten remains are then pressed into ingots for reuse. The perimeter of the pool is lined with Decepticons to ensure that none that go in ever come out again. Harvester units constantly fly overhead depositing victims into the pool.

The Smelting Pool was a favourite device of the Decepticon tyrant Lord Straxus. After Straxus learned that Scrounge had discovered that the Decepticons at Darkmount had received a radio message from the Decepticons on Earth, he ordered the Autobot spy be thrown into the pool. Before Scrounge died he was able to pass the evidence of the message to Blaster who had come to rescue him. The Smelting Pool!

Dreamwave continuity[]

The Smelting Pools were originally erected in the city state of Kaon as a way of breaking down raw materials. They were later used as a way executing violent criminals. The Government of Iacon banned the use of the Smelting Pools, and their use ceased for several vorns.

During the rise of the Decepticons the Smelting Pools were reactivated as a way of disposing of the losers of gladiatorial combat. Later, as the Decepticon’s power increased, the Smelting Pools were used to dispose of Autobot prisoners. New pools were built in other cities across Cybertron including Iacon itself. The molten metal is drawn down to the bottom of the pool where it is divided into different elements and extracted for reuse.

IDW Comics continuity[]

Prior to the Cybertronian Civil War, the Constructicons were depicted using a portable Smelting Pool to melt down a hapless victim for the construction of a gladiatorial arena for Megatron to fight in. Megatron Origin, Part 2

Fun Publications Continuity[]

In the Shattered Glass continuity, it is pretty obvious as to which side uses the smelting pool. (Hint: still the bad guys)

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