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Smallest Transforming Transformers (極小変形 トランスフォーマー Kyokushō Henkei Toransufōmā), erroneously called "World's Smallest Transformers" or "WSTs" by fans, was a line created by Takara in 2003. It consisted of Generation One characters in the smallest form possible. The figures were blindpacked.

Wave 1

There were two chase figures in the first assortment:

And one shortpacked figure:

Wave 2

There were two chase figures in the second assortment:

And one shortpacked figure:

Wave 2.5

Wave 2.5 was only available in certain retail stores in limited quantities. It included:

  • Jazz
  • Megatron
  • Optimus Prime ("anime" colors)
  • Soundwave w/ Ravage
  • Starscream

There were two chase figures in the exclusive assortment:

And one shortpacked figure:

Unreleased and Miscellaneous

  • Hot Rod was later re-released as a Toys'R'Us exclusive with purchases of THS-02 Convoy.
  • Trade show images originally suggested a third wave of Smallest Transformers, which would have added the then-unreleased Hot Rod, as well as still-unreleased versions of Skids, Tracks, and Megatron's stock and silencer accessories. Skids and Tracks were reportedly unproduced for cost reasons.[1]
  • Justitoys, a Hong Kong company, produced similarly-scaled versions of the Dinobots after the official line concluded. These are entirely unofficial, and Justitoys had to alter the line's packaging and branding to avoid using Transformer trademarks ("Dinobots" became "Dinorobots," "Grimlock" became "Commander," etc.) Justitoys later continued this series with "Smallest" versions of Shockwave, Blaster, Astrotrain, and currently, Sixshot.
  • A small number of custom-made Ultra Magnus trailers, in-scale with, and designed to attach to and combine with the STF Ultra Magnus figure, were produced and sold at a Japanese convention in 2005.
  • The (transforming) Optimus Prime figurine that is included with ROTF Voyager Stratosphere is in fact smaller than WST Optimus Prime, rendering the title inaccurate.


  1. Photos of the unproduced wave 3 Smallest Transformers Tracks and Skids toys and Megatron parts from a Japanese toy show
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