Smackdown is a Mini-Con from the video game version of the Unicron Trilogy.
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Smackdown is one of many power-enhancing Mini-Cons scattered across Earth. A member of the Red Mini-Con Team, when Powerlinxed to a larger Transformer, Smackdown provides a melee combat boost similar but superior to Pressurepoint, increasing the amount of damage the host's punches and kicks do to their target.

Smackdown is a champion of his people. In spite of his small stature, he'll never back down, never show weakness, and can back up his trash talk with truly impressive displays of strength and fighting prowess. He'd really rather kick back with his buds and play video games - but in a war this huge, sometimes you need a guy to play a hero that's even bigger. [1]


Transformers Playstation 2 Game

Smackdown's Mini-Con storage panel was discovered in Antarctica on a high ice shelf, and required Slipstream's glider-pack to reach. Following the defeat of Megatron, he and the other Mini-Cons returned to Cybertron and helped form the Matrix Cannon, Nemesis Shield and Vanguard Booster, giving the Autobots the power needed to destroy Unicron.


  • The launch party for the Armada game had a Mini-Con Madness drink menu. A 'Smackdown' was a Vodka & Cranberry Juice.
  • Smackdown's bio is inspired by --and full of references to-- wrestler Dwayne Johnson, aka "the Rock", who used many many many variations of "lay the smackdown on you" in his trash-talking.


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