This article is about the Energon Decepticon jet. For the Generation One Decepticon Targetmaster, see Slugslinger (G1).

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Crude and obnoxious, Slugslinger doesn't care whether he's annoying Autobots or his fellow Decepticons. His skill as a gunfighter and as a pilot is valuable enough for the Decepticons to want him around despite his personality, but just barely.


Dreamwave Energon Comics

Slugslinger and Sharkticon were assigned by Alpha Quintesson to join Mirage (who had been recently reformatted from Tidal Wave) on a mission to abduct Kicker Jones and beat up on the Omnicons. Slugslinger and the team were forced to retreat. He also counts him self as a specialist in the 'Department of Pain'.

Later, Slugslinger was one of three Decepticons assigned to attack Ocean City. He failed as miserably as his competitors did, but when it came time to defend his failure to Megatron, his lies were so cunning, so audacious, that he earned a measure of his leader's respect. Megatron promoted him on the spot.

Energon Pack-in Comics

Slugslinger was part of an Eclipse-Team mission to steal refined Energon from an Autobot installation on Earth. After he and Sharkticon snuck in through the sewers, Slugslinger disabled a protective energy fence and an Autobot attack drone. However, the Autobots had planned an ambush, and Slugslinger was shot down by Tow-Line



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  • Slugslinger (Deluxe, 2004)
    • Accessories: Missile
Slugslinger transforms into a Cybertronic jet fighter with two nosecones. His fuselage splits to reveal a spring-loaded missile launcher for "Hyper Mode", which can also be deployed over his shoulder in robot mode. This toy is —of course— an homage to the Generation One Decepticon of the same name.
This mold was retooled to make the Timelines Chromia 10 Pilot.


  • Slugslinger's original face sculpt was deemed not mean-looking enough by Hasbro. Takara resculpted only one side, giving the toy its distinctive "Two-Face" look.

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