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Specifics: Toy and cassette mode

Slugfest isn't so bright. Scratch that -- he's a complete and utter dimwit. Not only that, he's a complete and utter dimwit who's so paranoid about what others think of him that the smallest whiff of a supposed slight against his person will send him into a berserker destructive rage.

Hope he never reads this.

Very often the source of the supposed "insults" is whatever message he's carrying in his function as a data courier. Berserker destructive rages aren't very good for recorded data, and often result in their destruction.

French name (Canada): Matraque ("Bludgeons"...err)


Cartoon continuity

Madman Transformers comic

Slugfest, along with Overkill, Ratbat, Beastbox, and Squawktalk, were dispatched by Soundwave to locate the Matrix of Leadership, which Optimus Prime had buried somewhere at the construction site of Autobot City, prior to the mass Autobot evacuation of Cybertron. Slugfest had to explain what "excavation" was to the dull witted Beastbox, though Squawkbox ended up finding the Matrix. However, Slugfest and Squawktalk were then run over by Hot Rod. Madman Transformers Comic

The Transformers cartoon

Voice actor: N/A

Oh so crucial to the plot.

Slugfest was one of the many "primitive" Transformers who answered the call put forth by Primacron's assistant in response to the threat posed by Tornedron. Call of the Primitives

(Note: Slugfest is seen ejecting from Soundwave's chest in response to the call along with Overkill. While Overkill promptly disappears, Slugfest does appear a few more times. He can be seen in one group shot panning the Primitives before they board Trypticon. Here he can be seen between the Predacons Razorclaw and Tantrum.

Slugfest appears again behind Rampage and above Steeljaw right after Sky Lynx is drained by Tornedron.

Assuming Overkill boarded Trypticon with the group, it is possible that he remained inside of him for the remainder of the episode.)

Headmasters manga

After the Decepticons abandoned Earth, Soundblaster remained behind with his cassettes. He jumped the Witwicky family out of nowhere, and had Overkill and Slugfest keep them hostage while he taunted their protector, Chromedome. While his back was turned, though, Overkill and Slugfest were overwhelmed and defeated by Daniel Witwicky.


Generation One

  • Slugfest and Overkill (1987)
Slugfest transforms from a microcassette into a robotic Stegosaurus. His spine-plates are on springs so they pop out once his head and tail are flipped down. He also came with two chromed cannons to attach to his beast mode. In the Hasbro series, he was only available in a two-pack with Overkill.
  • Slugfest (Cassettron, 1987)
Japanese ID number: D-108
The Takara release of Slugfest is identical to the Hasbro one. However, Slugfest was available as a separately-boxed individual, and like (almost) all Japanese microcassettes, came with a clear-plastic "tape case" to be stored in.

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