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Slug is a Dinobot who transforms into a Triceratops. He is set to appear in Transformers: Age of Extinction along side Grimlock, Scorn, Strafe, Slash, Snarl, and Slog.


Dinobot Hunt flash gameEdit

Crosshairs riding on Slug broke through the strengthening of the Decepticons and captured enemy base


Age of Extinction filmEdit

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How to Ride Your Dinobot cartoonEdit

How to Ride Your Dinobot Ep3 Drift Activates Slug's Functions in Front of Lockdown

Drift riding on Slug drove Lockdown in a corner and took the book for activated weapons. After many failed attempts, the Autobot took a giant cannon to shoot at the enemy (but first he suffered himself). How to Fight


Age of ExtinctionEdit

  • Transformers Age of Extinction Generations Deluxe Class Dinobot Slug Figure

"This fiery warrior hates taking order, unless it means he gets to destroy something. He'll level anything in his path with a fit of white-hot dino rage. Convert, arm, and attack with all the Transformers action you can handle! This Dinobot Slug figure is a high-powered fighter whether he's in robot mode or dino mode. With a sword in each hand, he's a double danger to any enemy in robot mode. When he converts to triceratops mode, he'll stomp any enemy flat! Keep converting him back and forth so he can handle whatever his foes dish out!"


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