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Slug is a Dinobot. His name is not slag, but if you're not careful he'll make you into slag.

Russian name (game): Шлак (Slag)
Russian name (comics): Слэг (Slag)


IDW Comics continuity

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Fall of Cybertron

Voice actor: Travis Wilmingham (English)

Slug was first mentioned when Optimus Prime remarked that Grimlock had left his post. Later, while Jazz was investigating the Rust Sea, Jazz found a dismembered Sludge who he then used to find out what happened to the rest of the Dinobots. The audio log informed Jazz and Cliffjumper that Slug had insisting on calling for backup despite Grimlock's certainty they wouldn't need it, only for them to be brutally attacked by Shockwave's horde of Insecticons.

Following their defeat, Shockwave had Slug and the other surviving members of Grimlock's team brought to his laboratory, where he performed experiments on them, giving them new forms based on creatures he had seen on another planet; for Slug, his new form was that of a Triceratops.

Later, after Grimlock freed himself, stunned Starscream, liberated Swoop. defeated Hardshell and fought through more hordes of Insecticons, the fearful Kickback attempted to flee. As he jumped to a large door, it was suddenly knocked down by Slug (who had already escape his cell), who politely said "Excuse me." Slug told Grimlock he felt terrible due to Shockwave's experiments, but asserted he would survive.

As Grimlock fought more Insecticons, Slug could be seen killing Insecticons as well, proving his might by easily dispatching a Bruiser using his new Triceratops form. He also noted Grimlock's new flamethrower (in the T-Rex) stating that it burned through the Insecticons as if it were beryllium bologna, which Grimlock responded with cesium salami. As they reached Snarl, Sharpshot set more Insecticons on them. After Grimlock and Slug defeated a number of them, Sharpshot activated some generators with his electric powers and tortured Snarl. Slug's ramming the electric field proved ineffective, so Grimlock destroyed the generators with his flamethrower and defeated Sharpshot



Taking refuge in an observation platform, Slug looked through the databases and discovered the Decepticons were planning to use a Space bridge to reach the planet with the creatures Shockwave had made them able to turn into for its rich energy, and despite Grimlock's protests, Slug contacted Optimus. As Grimlock dealt with Shockwave and brought down the Space bridge, Slug and the other Dinobots watched the explosion.


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