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Sludge is a member of the Lightning Strike Coalition.


Fall of Cybertron

Sludge was among the Lightning Strike Coalition members led by Grimlock in finding the lake of raw energon in the Sea of Rust. Like the rest of his team, Sludge was ambushed by the Insecticons.

It's presumed that Sludge did not survive the attack as he was dismembered and attached to the wall with Insecticon webbing, where Jazz soon discovered him. Jazz removed his memory core in an attempt to figure out what happened to the others and track them down. Despite this, he did manage to avoid the fate that the others did in becoming test subjects in Shockwave's experiments.


  • He is the only member of the Lightning Strike Coalition Force who does not appear in his Dinobot form. He is also excluded from the Dinobot DLC pack.
  • During the credits, Sludge can be seen in his dino mode with the other Dinobots.
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