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Sludge is an Autobot and a member of the Lightning Strike Coalition Force under the command of Grimlock during the Great War, as his logistics expert. Sludge turns into an Apatosaurus.


Fall of Cybertron

Sludge and the rest of the Lightning Strike Coalition Force deserted their posts defending the Ark to look into some mysterious energy readings. He helped steal an Autobot dropship and together the team traveled to the Sea of Rust. Unfortunately, the energy readings related to Shockwave's recent activities near the energon lake, particularly his efforts on the space bridge and the creation of the Insecticons. The Lightning Strike Coalition battled the Insecticons, but while the others were captured for Shockwave's continued experiments on them, Sludge was left behind. His body was found by Jazz, partially dismembered and grafted to the wall of an Insecticon hive. Jazz stated that he was in stasis lock. Jazz removed Sludge's memory core while attempting to find out what had happened in the tunnels. Jazz later flooded the tunnels with a highly toxic fluid, though Sludge survived. What became of Sludge's memory core is currently unknown.

After escaping from captivity, the newly christened Dinobots found a hologramatic datacore which projected the body Shockwave had originally planned to give Sludge. Sometime in the future, he received his dinosaur mode.


  • In the game, Sludge was in stasis lock before receiving a dinosaur alternate mode.
  • However, it appears Shockwave had planned to experiment on him as well, as it its possible to find holograms of his planned dinosaur mode if the Insecticons haven't incapacitated Sludge in the tunnels.
  • In Rage of the Dinobots, he is alive and has received a dinosaur form. Stasis lock is more akin to a coma rather than death.