Slizardo is an Alien in the Generation One continuity family.

He has a cousin on the Gummi Bears.

Slizardo is an alien who worked for Lord Gyconi on the casino asteroid, Monacus. He excelled at being submissive and was often mistreated by Gyconi.


The Transformers cartoon continuity

When Smokescreen and the space gambler Bosch inadvertently allowed a group of brainwashed Autobots to fall into the clutches of Lord Gyconi, Slizardo was ordered to follow the pair in order to keep tabs on them. Shadowing them as they entered a bar, the luckless Slizardo was turned on by two thugs, but was saved by the Autobot bounty hunter Devcon, and swore loyalty to him. With his aid, Smokescreen, Bosch and Devcon discovered that Gyconi had sold the captive Autobots to the Decepticons and attacked, prompting the villains to flee. Preparing to give chase, Devcon offered a partnership to Slizardo, who happily accepted and jetted off into space with him. The Gambler

By 2006, it became apparent that Slizardo and Devcon had gone their separate ways, and Slizardo had fallen in with the alien mercenary, the Skuxxoid. Having already done several jobs for Galvatron, the Skuxxoid brought Slizardo in when he received his newest mission - to release anti-electrons into a power generator on Cybertron, which caused Autobots all across the planet to malfunction. When Grimlock shut the generator down, the anti-electrons vaporized, sending Galvatron into a rage, but Slizardo placated him by suggesting that he look inside Unicron's head for more. Grimlock's New Brain

Universe: The Wreckers

Devcon expanded on the circumstances of his and Slizardo's separation, smirkingly telling Apelinq that after "about fifteen cycles," he left Slizardo floating in space when he got the information he needed from him. Jerk. Betrayal

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