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Slipstream is a female Decepticon Seeker featured in War for Cybertron.


Transformers: War for Cybertron

NOTE: Slipstream does not appear in the campaign of War for Cybertron, however after completing the Decepticon campaign, she is available in Multiplayer and Escalatio and Gavaltrons Revenge is an Destructicon.

Transformers: Exodus

While she was not mentioned by name, she was most likely at the battle with Omega Supreme, as only three of Starscream's Air Commanders survived the battle.

Transformers: Exiles

Slipstream was one of the Seekers who served on the bridge crew of the Nemesis alongside Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp. Although she remained true to the ideal that Seekers stick together, that didn't mean she respected Starscream any more than he deserved. When the Decepticons eventually tracked down the Ark on the planet Junkion, Slipstream was part of the aerial strike on the Autobots as they attempted to repair their ship. Later, she returned to the Nemesis as Megatron attempted to use the ship's tractor beam to pull forth the mythical Requiem Blaster from Junkion's core. They attempted to graft the Blaster to the Nemesis' hull. The only problem was Optimus Prime hopped aboard the craft right at the base of the Requiem Blaster. Megatron dispatched Slipstream and the Seekers to knock Prime loose before he caused any more trouble, but their efforts to avoid hitting the Blaster itself made it a perfect shield for Optimus on the hull. Slipstream and Optimus Prime soon fought hand-to-hand, and Prime eventually sent an invitation to Megatron by blasting Slipstream into unconsciousness... and causing her to land right on the window screen of the ship's bridge. As Megatron learned the location of the Allspark and prepped the Nemesis for departure, Starscream remarked that Slipstream had not returned to the ship after suffering her injuries in battle with Prime and the Autobots. Megatron merely shrugged, and the Decepticons apparently left Slipstream behind on Junkion, just as it was being torn apart. Her current condition is unknown.


Video Games

Novel Series


  • Slipstream's jet model, along with Starscream's, is reused in Fall of Cybertron as various generic Seekers, easily identifiable during the attack on the Autobot transport.
  • Slipstream is one of the three characters (along with Barricade and Arcee) to not return in Fall of Cybertron. (However a poster of Arcee is seen during chapter 4)
  • Slipstream is the only known female Seeker; the character first appeared in Transformers: Animated as a female clone of Starscream.


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