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The name or term Slipstream refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Slipstream (disambiguation).

Slipstream is a girlfriend of Starscream and Decepticon Clone/Seeker.

Also is good of the fight and she i as smart as her Starscream.

"Any leader has to be an improvement over you!"
―The Female offers an opinion on her template [src]


Animated Slipstream jet.png


Animated cartoon

Voice actor: Tara Strong (English), Silvia Mißbach (German), Atsuko Tanaka (Japanese)

"Back off, I saw her first!!"
"Of course you did!"

When the clones/Seekers were brought online, Starscream was confronted with various personality issues. Slipstream revealed that each one represented an aspect of his personality: megalomania, cowardice, bootlicking, and deception. When Starscream asked (a little suggestively) where she came from, Slipstream warned him not to ask. Once they were ready to depart, Egomaniac pushed Starscream aside, and the original realized that he really was a pain in the gearshaft. Slipstream bitingly noted that he'd finally "arrived at the party", then childishly claimed that she wasn't starting anything. A Bridge Too Close, Part I

Slipstream proved to be a capable fighter, managing to get a pair of stasis cuffs on the massive Bulkhead. After the original Starscream was decapitated by Isaac Sumdac piloting a Headmaster unit, she promptly declared that she was better off being led by Megatron. When Omega Supreme joined the battle, she and the other Decepticons were blasted away. A Bridge Too Close, Part II

Out of the Clones/Seekers, only Slipstream went into hiding and remained on Earth. She only briefly resurfaced to attack Optimus under the assumption that he was Starscream due to the jetpack he was using. Once realizing she attacked the wrong robot, she flies off as fast as she came in. Endgame, Part 1


"Try Blue! It's the new red!"

  • Where Slipstream got her colors from was hotly debated by the fandom, with the most frequent guess being Generation 2 Ramjet. However, when contacted about it, Derrick Wyatt revealed that her color scheme was actually "loosely inspired" by the Japanese Godmaster Overlord. Very loosely, as Overlord (in robot mode) is mostly white, dark blue and turquoise.
  • While the Transformers fandom has long mused upon the possibility of female "Seekers" (and produced countless self-insertion characters that are variants on the theme), this is the first canonical female character to share a body template with Starscream. This is either great or horrible, depending on your perspective.
  • This may well be the "female without a tragic past" hinted at by the production team at BotCon 2008, although maybe they meant Slo-Mo. Although it's debatable how tragic she would consider being Starscream's clone is.
  • Slipstream most likely represents Starscream's treacherous side as she treats him similarly to how Starscream treats Megatron and she also actually betrays Starscream by defecting to Megatron and tells Starscream that any leader is better than him.
  • Another possible theory offered up by a few fans is that Slipstream is Starscream's hatred of insubordination to Megatron, only in her case, she hates Starscream. This is evident in that her attitude towards Starscream is almost the same as G1 Starscream's attitude towards Megatron. The only difference is that she doesn't think that she should be leader, probably due to Thundercracker's ego and maybe even Dirge's greed being removed.
  • Although she could just represent Starscream's limitless and high-powered ability to be a raging bitch.
  • In the Ending Credits of A Bridge Too Close, Part II, Slipstream was mentioned to be just the Female Starscream; it is possible that the creators had no idea who to call her until the series ended.
  • A Q&A session with Hasbro reps at BotCon 2009 finally revealed her real name, almost a year after her introduction.
  • Unlike her "brothers", Slipstream doesn't have an action figure made after her... yet.
  • Slipstream wasn't with the captured Decepticons at the end of the cartoon series.
  • After the credits of the season three finale, an extra clip was supposed to feature Slipstream finding Starscream's corpse and reanimating it with an Allspark fragment, but sadly, was cut for time. [citation needed]
  • Slipstream is not the first female Starscream to appear in Transformers media, as Starscream was female in the French Dub of Transformers: The Movie.