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Slipstream is a Decepticon Seeker from the Transformers: Cyberverse continuity.

"Don't tell her I said this, but she's actually got some pretty impressive leadership skills! You know, in a diabolical sort of way."

Slipstream is a girlfriend of Starscream and strategic Decepticon Seeker. She is a excellent strategist, always trying to find ways to try and stop the Autobots. Slipstream is also an effective leader and is great at ordering others around. The combination of these skills serves her well in the Decepticon's mission to destroy Earth.[1]

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Transformers: Cyberverse cartoon

Voice actor Lianne Marie Dobbs

Slipstream she appears as soon Windblade attacked Nova Storm and Thundercracker and also later attacked Windblade and she tried to finish it but fell down the montain. Whiteout

Slipstream togehter Acid Storm and Thrust attack the spaceship and started the battle and as soon Windblade going up the sky Slipstream fells on the glass of spaceship and fell down to earth again. Terminal Velocity

Slipstream she appears attack of the spaceship to destroy Bumblebee and Windblade but Bumblebee attacked Slipstream with the powerful gun and made it. Maccadam's

Also when Bumblebee and Windblade together of Teletraan-X, Sliptsream together of Thundercracker, Nova Storm, Thrust and Acid Storm they caught the wile she was talking Teletraan-X that he did not and Slipstream and Windblade he was told to stop, later she sead Teletraan-X where is Autobot single but Bumblebee and Windblade tried escape and Slipstream attacked and Teletraan-X prevents it. Teletraan-X

When Slipstream caught Windblade she said that Starscream he told her would turn it off he would do it with joy and Windblade he put force and hit her of the laser and later as soon wake up Starscream and Shockwave and Starscream he said not to fail but Shockwave explaind to her that Windblade escape from the space bridge and he sead destroy the Autobots and Slipstream call Acid Storm and Thundercracker but they did not answer and call Thrust and Nova Storm and he got angry and as soon Windblade escaped Slipstream he tooked her sword and attacked her but she failed. Siloed

In the moon Slipstream he said Thundercracker to sit watchful because he would come Shockwave and Shadowstriker.

In the battle of snow Slipstream together Nova Storm attcaked the Windblade but failed again. The Extinction Event

In the battle of sky Slipstream and Seekers attack the Windblade and big Plane but fall down and suddenly took her Starscream and tells them that the fleet of the Decepticons is comicng but Slipstream told him that he is also Shockwave. Awaken Sleeping Giants

The Battle of Volcano Slipstream told him Seekers to throw rockets of Windblade and then he fought hard kill her but did not succeed. Eruption

Ιn the big battle on the moon Starscream and Slipstream and Seekers and Thundercracker attacked Grimlock and later they just returned Starscream asked what were they looking at and Slipstream he told him he was comic Grimlock,Starscream he said Shockwave to activate fraud but Shockwave told him to wait Megatron and Starscream he put Slipstream to activate fraud and later as soon appears Megatron and he said Starscream that it failed for last time and threw him ane he did Slipstream new leader of Seekers. Sea of Tranquility

Slipstream appears when Decepticons thet went to the mercenary hideout and Megatron he told to get them Seekers and going the Nemesis and Starscream attacked Megatron and it was done leader of the Decepticons and when told him Shockwave to activate self-destrutive Slipstream and Decepticons going out.

Later Starscream,Slipstream and Decepticons going the Nemesis the Decepticons selects,then Slipstream she was with her troops ans she just saw him Megatron to hit Starscream he was not looking and as soon Megatron kill Stascream,Slipstream is select. Bad Moon Rising

As he spoke Megatron he told Slipstream to go of Seekers when he went there was no one and it was only Thundercracker.Later Slipstream she going to Bludgeon and he said sorry after scaring thim. Bring Me The Spark Of Optimus Prime

As he spoke Shockwave Slipstream going ti find them as he arrived at the base asked Thundercracker where he is and he just found out what they were doing here and he just saw Starscream is select. Trials

Slipstream she appears together of the Seekers and they listened to him Starscream with the plan,Slipstream they were very excited when Starscream he made his move with the Allspark to make an armour,later Slipstream she going take the Allspark but Starscream he stopped her and instead of finishing him he offered his hand to her and as soon Starscream he made his plan to build Scraplets and Slipstream is select. Dark Birth

Slipstream as soon she looked Starscream he said he will tell about his madness and he left,later she going to Soundwave but Soundwave he declared her traitor and attacked but Slipstream he winner Soundwave and going to Windblade but Bludgeon is back and killed Slipstream. Parley

Slipstream she appears the battle of the snow and going to destroy Windblade as soon he loocked Cheetor. Spotted

Slipstream appears in a ghost and together ghosts Thundercracker,Nova Storm,Thrust,Acid Storm attacked Bumblebee before they disappear. Alien Hunt! With Meteorfire And Cosmos



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Slipstream is a Slipstream of Transformers Animated.


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