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You can't see me!

This character has no official visual representation whatsoever — yet, at least.

Slink is one black catbot you don't want crossing your path. She and her lackeys Sneak and Snitch are petty criminals from Cybertron, forever looking for the next scheme to get them rich. She can fire bladed projectiles from her claws, and like all cats, she has excellent night vision and hates water. People seem to be inexorably drawn to make cat puns around her.


Transformers: Robots in Disguise

"Sideswipe Versus Thunderhoof"

Slink and her gang were among the Decepticons imprisoned aboard the Alchemor. They were freed when the ship crashed on Earth, where Slink soon discovered that the humans valued their pets so much they would pay any price for pet food. She and her gang set their sights on creating an artificial shortage, however Thunderhoof and Underbite stumbled on their operation. Thunderhoof tried unsuccessfully to talk her into letting him in on the action, and when the Autobots turned up, Slink took advantage of the confusion to knock out the lights with her claws and get her gang to load a forklift with pet food. They escaped as Thunderhoof brought the warehouse down, only to be hunted down and captured by Bumblebee's team.